P10 - issue with my user interface?

Had my P10 for 4 - 5 years now without any issues.

Been away for a few days and switched the P10 off.

Returned today and switched it on again, the Initialization process seemed to take a very long time and when complete the icons on screen were yellow and not orange so the A - E outlets icons onscreen were inactive upon touch.

Eventually got these to turn orange and was able to start powering them on.

Most of them refused to turn on and stayed off, again eventually these started to come on upon touch.

Could not get D to switch on and outlets B and C started to switch off again without their respective icons being touched…

Couldn’t get D to turn on so switched the P10 off and after an interval switched it on again.

Startup process was smoother but still couldn’t get D to power up.

Again B and C would switch themselves off without being touched, when D was pressed.

Eventually got all 5 zones to power up.

Anyone else had issues like this or any advice to resolve this for future times when I have to switch my P10 off for a while?