Strata doesn't support Amazon Music?

Hi all,
i’m considering to replace my Marantz PM7000N by a Stellar Strata to make a step up.

Can anyone confirm, that the Strata does still not support Amazon Music?
Guess that would be a dealbreaker…


Welcome, @thomas.wartha !

I use Amazon HD, have done for a while.

The obvious choices are a Bluesound Node 2i or Sonos Port.

The PM7000N is an extremely well regarded product. You can connect these devices using optical or coaxial. Otherwise use wireless. Are you after more power? I have the CXA81 that is 93w Class A/B and has Bluetooth AptX HD, which is as near as makes no difference to CD quality. If you wait a few months they will likely be bringing out products with Bluetooth Snapdragon which can handle 16/44 lossless streaming.

The number of products with Amazon HD onboard is still small. The other option is to buy something with Airplay onboard.

Correct, there is no native Amazon HD support through the Strata’s streaming app. Like Steven recommends above, using the Bluesound Node and then hooking its digital output to the Strata would work well and sound great!

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