Why so few Amazon Music streamers?

It seems that there aren’t many Amazon capable streamers out there. I’m currently using a Node 2i, but I would like to have a bridge-type box with no DAC. Seems there are many with TIDAL, Qobuz, Roon, etc., but no Amazon. Is it Amazon making some software unavailable to hardware companies?

amazon are all about volume (of sales), i don’t suppose they are interested in licensing (sp?) to small audiophile companies…

On the Auralic forum their CEO said they were interested in offering Amazon HD as an option, but Amazon was not interested in working with them.

6000N Play – audiolab
6000N does not seem to be Roon or MQA compatible. Also, digital output is limited to SPDIF coax and optical. However, almost all streaming services go up-to 24/192 save a few Tidal MQA albums encoded 24/352.8

6000N has a DAC. It seems to me that a company that wants and needs volume would make it easier to distribute their service. I would have expected them to strong arm manufacturers to include their service on new gear. Or at least make it available.

I agree with you. However, they may want to try their luck with a closed system as Apple did. Also, they’re probably trying to commoditize the service by providing it using mobile phone apps as well as compatible headsets, TV sets, and portable speakers.

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Amazon’s service sounds better than it used to in my Cambridge Audio set up. But I enjoy Tidal’s suggestions much more. Have discovered a bunch of artists that way. And will be seeing Sarah Jarosz live next month, for example.

I don’t want to switch services. The Node2i is good enough for now, but I’m hopeful that at some point PSAudio can incorporate Amazon into their streamer. Although the BluOS is great for multi room playing.

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I have Amazon HD built into my ceiling speakers around the house, including in my music room. I’m on the trial subscription. Personally, I don’t like the Amazon mobile app and prefer to use Roon. I use Innuos Sense 2.0 in my 2-channel system, which for brand new software is very good, if not as good as Roon. My experience of Amazon HD is it’s cheap and not very cheerful.

Fair enough. I know that Whathifi has always held the Node in high regard. Perhaps you’ve seen their most recent praise for the 3rd generation two weeks ago?


No problem using Amazon through the BluOS app. Maybe not the best, but works for me.
Just wondering why more devices don’t support Amazon, not debating which service or software is better.

Another reason the best renderer platform is a NUC PC or Apple Mini type unit.

Amazon and Apple are on their own. No interest in working with anyone else They do not exist.


This is a very cut and dry issue in my mind.

Amazon (and Apple) want to provide and control the entire experience not just the stream. The business model is not about the content stream or interoperability but ecosystems, hardware, data, customer devotion, lifestyle and other factors.

If Spotify started manufacturing or contracting out Spotify hardware, I don’t know if they would continue Spotify Connect on so many of the products we all like.

Obviously, video is a different animal which I guess is necessity.

Amazon makes their video content available on platforms such as Apple TV, Roku and Smart TVs. Apple did the same with their Apple TV + service.

I know I come across grouchy on this topic.


No not grouchy just factual. If you want to use Amazon HD then you have to use their list of partners the end. Every “audiophile” streamer company has approached them about releasing their API and either be re-buffed or just ignored. I doubt any of them will make any further effort to convince them or should they. We are not their target audience.

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I am vehemently opposed to supporting Amazons streaming program. I don’t want to see Qobuz and Tidal and Roon go bye bye.
Buy stuff cheap there? Okay. But there are limits that should be observed.


I’ve been an avid AmazonHD subscriber along with NYA (Neil Young’s Extreme streaming platform is used by both services). I use a Bluesound Node 2i into my DirectStream DAC Sr. and did a head to comparison between Qobuz & AmazonHD and found no difference in sound quality in either streaming services.

Yeah, it sucks that only BluOS devices support AmazonHD whereas Qobuz works well with everything (I use Audirvana as well). But that’s Amazon not willing to work with 3rd Party Vendors (except Bluesound of course).

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Which brings me back to my original question. Why Bluesound? Why that particular company and not any of the other players? I guess it’s all speculation unless someone has inside information. I guess Amazon is more toward the closed ecosystem of Apple. They must sell alot of Alexa devices to not care about licensing fees from other companies. It’s too bad that they seem to have no interest in working with partners to deliver the “HD” that they tout. Just crappy creepy talking speakers, most without digital outs. And all I want is a dac-less device to deliver some bits to my SGCD.
Anyway, thanks all for your comments.