Strata speaker recommendations

I’m running my Strata with Revel M12 book shelf speakers. They sound wonderful but could have a bit more on the high end.

I really like Strata with KEF LS50’s but definitely needs a high quality sub to fill in the low end.

What’s your budget?

If you want something dynamic, excellent transient response, realism, punch, impact… something to make you forget you’re listening to speakers…

Zu Omen DW / Zu Omen Mk2


$1000 a pair


That’s exactly the cost of Zu Omen DW !

Next time on sale July 1



Are you into live music and soundstage? Or do you want to sit in a sweet spot and analyze precise locations… etc?

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did anyone compare strata + KEF LS50 with LS50 wireless? or maybe Sprout100 + KEF LS50 with LS50 wireless?