Stravinsky's Rite at the Boston Symphony

Living in Boston, I have an opportunity to hear music in one of the world’s storied music venues: Boston Symphony Hall. While I don’t attend often, I was so excited to go last night to see the BSO performing the Rite of Spring. What a life changing concert!!

I had heard the Rite performed years ago by the much smaller Boston Philharmonic - it was nothing in comparison. Last night, Symphony Hall was jammed full of sound and I felt immersed in it. The glass in my hand was shaking as if I were at a rock concert. The experience was as much feeling as hearing. I wasn’t just listening to the music, I was in it!

I wasn’t able to locate any speakers used for amplification, but would like to hear if anyone absolutely knows whether amplification is used for the symphony. I have seen Boston Pops concerts with singers that were amplified.

Regardless, now I fully understand what Paul has been preaching: dynamic range!


I have heard the BSO at Symphony Hall many times.
They do not augment the sound with speakers.

Fortunately, symphony orchestras do not do this in most circumstances.

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As symphony orchestra at full tilt makes Grand Funk Railroad sound like the Tooterville Trolley.

This is why many conductors, as well as orchestral musicians, have significant hearing loss.

No speakers, no amplification

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