streaming + old components???

I intend on buying speakers to listen to streamed content (spotify, you tube), but
also have a full set of older components.

Can i use my old stuff somehow with the streaming equipment (like Sonos or similiar)

Also I intend on some new speakers for existing old stereo in living room.
Is there way I could use one set of speakers.
Moving them room to room not a problem ( a subwoofer might be a drag )

Help!! I do have a lot of content in old formats like vinyl and CD’s ( and yes Tape!)
However I now use spotify a lot.
No one seems to have a usable solution— YET.
I will buy something for streaming no matter what.
I do intend on new speakers for older equipment (tuner, turntable, CD, tape, other seperates.

Smaller speakers might be ok, because of smallish living room, but sub woofer not out of question.

Thanks in advance,

your victim of Obsolescence


I’m not sure why you need different speakers to listen to streaming content. If your main stereo has good-quality components, you will probably hear that the sound quality from Spotify and other streaming services is less than what you are used to. So perhaps less revealing speakers would make listening more pleasant. Otherwise, speakers are speakers. Or are you looking to get powered speakers, so you can eliminate a preamp and amp when listening to streaming?

Yes would like to elminate amp for small set in bedroom, but still use streamng content

with old stuff in living room. Am out of things by about 30 years, ( not funny ) since

I dont know what am doing I came here to ask dumb questions.

And yes slighly lesser speakers might be exactly what I am looking for,

especially since my hearing as gone south a bit more than I like to admit.

Your advice on somehwat lesser speakers is right on-- thanks.

Am major mussic addict, Music come in 1st, and 2nd. Sound comes in 3rd.