The Death of the Home Stereo System

I proudly announce that both my sons have stereos at college. One is even building his own speakers while currently listening through a pair of old Infinitys. I guess we are just a family of steampunkers for liking good sound.

My opinion? Quality will return! The public will rediscover good sound. It’s just too good not to find it’s way back into people’s hearts. Keep the faith.

I hope you are right.

There is a tremendous main stream interest in headphones. While Beats may not be audiophile approved, they are a lot better than the average phone headphones, etc. (Beats are actually not that bad.)

As new people hear how good portable music can sound, perhaps they will move into home sound.

I love the idea of steampunk speakers. Dan Agnostino’s amps look like they belong.

Speaking of steampunk

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hmmm - that might be the cure for upgrade-itis.


Or… might make it worse.

There are often newer models on the car lot. Even if only dare to smile about it. [-X

I have both but mostly use the headphones for commuting. As much as I like my headphones and between the headphones and amps I am up to 30 k or more . Speakers are soooo much more gratifying …