Best control point for Qobuz?

In this case for an iPhone / iPad environment. I’m currently using mcontrolHD, but I think it’s just too crude for controlling Qobuz. If I navigate away from my current playlist, for example to do a search for something to add to the playlist, I have to back out until I get to the “three line” widget that will give me access to the menu where I can access playlists. Also, I can’t seem to figure out when doing a search, how to tell which results are high res and which are not. The whole interface seems way too clumsy to me.

Is there a good control point for Qobuz in an “i” environment?

A great question!

I much prefer running Qobuz and Tidal via Roon - via my iMac and via my iPhone as opposed to the Qobuz or Tidal apps. or any other controller. FWIW.


Agree, so +1

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I am using a windows laptop for my Roon controller but it is not dedicated to the job. I would like to switch to a dedicated Roon controller but also not sure if an Ipad has the power to do convolution filters which I am toying with at this time.

It may not be relevant since it’s proprietary to their own Bluesound and NAD equipment, but I’m generally happy with BlueOS controlling Qobuz from my iPhone and iPad. The only real issue I’ve found with it is that it’s way too cumbersome to get it to shuffle a playlist without it abandoning the list after one selection and then pulling content in from other sources that I’ve recently played. Bluesound support told me you have to start the playlist playing, hit the shuffle control, then empty the queue, restart the playlist and hit the shuffle control again. Like I said, it’s cumbersome.

I guess I’ll need to take a look at Roon.

Dunno if you’re using BridgeII or a network-player. The BridgeII and my Melco are both recognized by Lumin, IMO the best control point streaming Tidal-, Qobuz- & local stored files in an “i” environment.

However to me BubbleUPnP (Android only) is so much better that it’s totally worth buying an Android tablet just for control-point purpose. With Android one can even use the native Qobuz and Tidal apps and (using standard Android share functionality) instantly share to enqueue or play selected tracks/albums/playlists via Bubble on the background.

Agreed. I used BubbleUPnP extensively when I was running my Squeezebox Touch. A great control point, although I always liked UPnPlay a bit better.

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I think this is the best answer. I don’t want to say “you get what you pay for” is an absolute by any means, but in the case of Roon, I’d say it might be.

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Did you not try iPeng with the Touch? There’s a Qobuz plugin for LMS, but that requires running LMS on something… :man_shrugging:t2:

I haven’t tried iPeng yet.

I’d keep using LMS if I could. That was (and still is, IMO) one of the best control points and servers ever created. Unfortunately it stopped working on i-devices since iOS 11.

I’m confused about the idea of LMS running on an iDevice. I’ve only ever run it on a Mac, then you use iPeng (etc.) on your iDevice to control it. Still doing it to this day on 2nd system. Here is Qobuz playing via a plugin in iPeng on iOS 14 running LMS on an iMac:

I’ve used the following for Qobuz since about 2013:

Bubble uPnP

Lightning on Auralic is superb, limited to iOS. Used it for about 3 years very happily.

With an internal streamer upgrade started using uPnP and hated McConnectHD. It’s the Space Invaders of apps.

Bought an Amazon Fire tablet for about $100 to run Bubble uPnP. Occasional connection issues and lots of complex options, but excellent in general use, looks good and feature rich. Moved to Android phones and continued on them.

Went Roon and it’s just brilliant. My favourite. A few issues have been ironed out over the last 18 months.

I have BluOS for a Powernode in my office, it is very good and easy to set up, including indexing the library on my Roon server. I could very happily live with it, but as I also have Roon I use that. One reason is that Roon has keyboard controls, BluOS does not.

Beef, at one time there was a LMS app for iDevices that duplicated much of the control capability found on the actual LMS running on your (or my) computer. It was LMS’ app, in contrast to iPeng, or OrangeSqueeze, and the like. It was pretty good, but was no longer supported after iOS 10.

BTW - good choice in artists! :ok_hand:

It was a sad day when Logitech bought Slim Devices. Knew it was over :sob:. Though they did make some good products, and the ecosystem survives due to the community.

Agreed. They were doing things in the early 2000s that took other “stream thinkers” another 15 years to figure out - and not as cleverly or robustly!

IMHO, the best upgrade to Roon is to use an iMac or other small computer dedicated to feeding the DAC and running their included Roon Bridge SW. The dedicated machine isolates it from any interference on other computers, and their Bridge SW is very stable.
This way you can run Roon Core anywhere you like on a big machine, and control it from the Core machine or from any Android or iOS using Roon Remote.

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@wijber, I looked online about using BubbleUPnP for Qobuz, and it talks about installing it on the computer where Qobuz is installed, then using OpenHome and a bunch of other steps. Do you know if this is really necessary? I got my old Android tablet up and running, updated BubbleUPnP, and saw from the app version that I could select Qobuz directly from the Cloud options. Why can’t I just do that? Will I not get all the functionality?

That will work fine. The OpenHome stuff is if you want to establish a Bubble Server on your network, and is not usually necessary. BubbleUPnP works fine without it,