Hey Paul What Happened to the IRS Subwoofers?

@Paul what happened to your Infinity IRS subwoofers? I don’t see them in your videos.

I think Paul mentioned in a past video that they are positioned behind the midrange/tweeter towers.

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Thank You!

I couldn’t find the video where @Paul mentioned it. So now my next question is why did you move them behind the midrange/tweeters?

Good point wonder why subwoofers moved and look like Reflection panels moved too.

In that video, Paul mentioned it was Chris’ suggestion.

Yes, we moved them behind the panels and along the rear wall to get rid of some nasty room modes. Having said that we just recently changed it all back again to being on the sides, parallel with the wings. I’ve never done this before and Chris is responsible!

It actually sounds amazing this way and much better. We have to DSP the bass and we have to suffer a major 30Hz suckout, but other than that it’s the best compromise we’ve yet had in the room.

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Thanks to all for the replies.