Subwoofer and Wire Gauge

Should wires going to the sub be of a heavier gauge than to the main speakers, or does it not matter? I was going to experiment but figured I might save my energy and ask the officials. Years ago I did have heavier gauge to the sub but can’t recall my findings.

I believe Paul said wattage didn’t matter since only information was being sent to the sub, would that mean the gauge wouldn’t matter either?

Or would you say Paul was incorrect and considering the distance from the amps (30 ft), the wires to the sub should be heavier?



I use Blue Jeans 10-gauge 5T00UP for my subs. Definitely use a bigger wire for long runs.

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Passive or powered subs?

I assume this quote was made in reference to using the high level inputs on powered subs. In that case I agree with him.

Indeed. One should be careful. A “passive” sub requires wattage to drive it while an “active” sub (which has its own built in power amplifier) requires no wattage from the source.

I am using an active sub.

Wow, 10. Thats big. I was think 12 top.

Ok so, if there is bigger bass with bigger wire, it is no different than just increasing the gain on the sub.

Any if amps generally sound better with less break at the gain…maybe it would be best to use lesser gauge and increase the gain on the subs amp.


Then it doesn’t matter. REL ships with 22 gauge wire at like 50 feet (20 feet?, it’s long I don’t remember exact).

The way high level actives work is the input is very high impedance. REL is 100,000 ohms as example. The amplifier does not see this as a load at all but the amp can track the signal for its own internal amplification.

I get it, so I would be better off going bigger on the main speakers and whatever is easier to work with on the sub

I will try this.


The mains are loads and this is where you can play all day long with cable construction and materials for sure!

I am playing around right now in fact…


Are you driving the sub from your amplifier speaker level outputs or preamp level output?

If anyone is interested in how I ended up…I tried 12G to sub 16G mains, then 12G to both sub and mains, then 16G sub 12G mains.

The 12G certainly added umph, but it fattened the bass and cluttered the mids, and rolled the highs.

I ended up with 16G at both sub and mains, now of course I wonder…what about 18G.

I believe Anti-Cable speaker cables are 18G…does anyone know?

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I‘m using the Analysis-Plus Sub cables (XLR) with great success on my SVS Ultra 16 subs.

I have used XLR in the past. I find direct from amp out put to be best for me.

But thank you for the suggestion