Your mileage may vary

Yesterday’s post on subwoofer placement certainly got some disagreement from folks. So, let me start off by saying if something you’re doing works, then that’s great! Secondly, let me suggest that while my manner of speaking and writing is one of […]



In your comments on subs you alluded to making your own high level inputs. I am intrigued, and read today’s post expectantly but didn’t see a comment on this.

I would love to know what you had in mind. Forgive me if this is coming in a subsequent post.


Paul says that Your Mileage May Vary, but he’s really talking about The Match Game… :smiley:



Yes, sorry, see tomorrow’s post.


He has to be a new reader, as those of us who have been around for a little while know that your publishing schedule can go out the window can go out the window on a moment’s notice - and often does. :smiley:



I always worried about using the high level inputs and thought that I would have impedance problems. Based on the article I tried them, running a second set of cables and wow they do sound better. Great article.


A sub’s high level inputs are high impedance and, given they do not need much current, the wires running to them can be small gauge.