Subwoofer connection help

Hi folks, i’v been enjoying my DSJ/ROON/M700’s for a while now . I’v been looking at a subwoofer addition for a while and i thought before i go and purchase a new sub OR 2 (REL or SVS) i would hook a FOCAL Chorus SW 700 i have . The Focal has left and right high level posts, LFE input and low level RCA. So looking at my M700’s they have 2 sets of speaker outputs. My question is can i connect the M700s directly to the high level left and right inputs on the Focal Sub and run both the floor standers and sub?
Just wanting to make sure, thanks in advance.

Why not get yourself a pair of RCA Y cables (M to F+F) and split the output of your DSJ to the M700’s and the subwoofer…?

I have a pair of REL Subs and I connect one each to each of my power amps. (You hook an REL right up to the speaker terminals via their unusual connection option). The Subs are both powered and it works great. So happy with the setup.