Subwoofer (PV1D) on P12

I recently acquired a used B&W PV1D, which I am using with my 804 D2 speakers.

I bought the sub without its serial cable, so I have not yet been able to dial in the exact settings (for now I’ve settled on 32 Hz cross-over - keen to hear if others have any experience).

But my question is: Is it worth running the sub from my P12? I have more than enough headroom on the P12. The obvious answer would be “try it and see”, but I would have to get some cabling made up.

So before I incur any expense, I want to check if anyone has experience with using this or other subs with a P12?

I have 2 SVS subs, with one powered by the P12. The sub does not seem to draw much power. Maybe I don’t listen loud enough. But i have definitely tested the system, and power usage remains low according to the meter on the P12

Thank you. Did you find it made any improvement to the sound whether it was on the P12 or not?

With Conrad Johnson tube pre and power amps…yes.
With BHK Pre & M1200’s…yes.
With the SVS subwoofer, no

Thank you, that helps a lot! Will just leave the sub off the P12 then.

You could always try for yourself and see how it sounds in your system. The incoming power at my P12 is fairly clean, varying between 0.9 % and 1.0% distortion