Does the amp driving subwoofers need to be plugged into P20?


I have a separate amp driving two Wilson Audio passive (the subs have no amp of their own) WatchDog subs in my system. I have all my equipment plugged into a P20, except the sub amp. It pushes the limits of the P20 when I add the load of the sub amp to the P20.

How important is it to have the sub amp powered from the P20?

I’m think it’s not that important given it’s duty is mainly in the 20Hz-50Hz range.

Doe anyone have an opinion?


I run two REL subs 450 watts each. I have P10 regenerator that I run the subs on and a BHK 250. This is about as much as the P10 can handle and runs up to 80% load at peak (I will upgrade to a P20;asap). I use a P5 for all the solid state units and amps. It handles the 300watt M700 mono blocks, DMP, Dac Jr, and BHK pre amp no problem at no more than a 30% load . I plugged my subs into the wall one day to see if i could notice a difference. They were noticably a touch slower and thinner in depth.

Thanks for your reply. Good insight.

It turns out the P15 can’t handle the load of my amps, so I guess I’ll just plug them directly into the wall and the rest of my equipment into the P15.