Connecting Subwoofers

Trying to help a friend who just bought a pair of SVS subs. The manual shows running one set of wires from the speaker level outputs on the amps to the speaker level inputs on the sub and another set of wires from the speaker level outputs on the amps to the speakers. Would it work and be safe to just run from the amp to the subs and jumper from the subs to the speakers?

The reason for this is to avoid another long and tedious speaker wire run.

Gear is PS Audio Stellar M700 amps, (2) SVS SB-100-Pro, and Magnepan LRS+.

I run xlr from my preamp to my M1200’s, and run rca from the same preamp to my SVS subs.
My SVS SB3000 does not have speaker level inputs. You can also contact SVS directly. They are very good at answering questions like this.

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I do exactly what @adifferentpaul does and I have the M700 monoblocks and SVS subs… one right channel, and one left.

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I have a system similar to my friend’s that I described above. I run line level out to my subs because that is the simplest way for me, as well as most others. For him, not so much. He spent a lot of time and energy (which he doesn’t have much of these days) to run speaker wire through and behind cabinets, walls, under floors, etc. and doesn’t want to do that again for the subs. He plans to place them next to the speakers so that is why he’s looking for this solution.

Best to contact the manufacturer.

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I have REL subs that I had a question on regarding connection’s to my amps. REL has how to videos on a number of topics. It was wonderful to see questions asked in the comments section answered by REL acoustics.
SVS may have similar videos or forums.

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A major issue you would have with that setup in trying to use speaker level connections is that both the Main amps and the sub amps are Class D. Neither amps negative terminal will be true ground which means you will have to have alternative grounding points for the connection between the 700’s and the sub amps. It can be done but you still may have a ground hum but you can try it and see.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll check for this as we move forward.

SVS also has a wireless transmitter and receiver system that can send the signal to the subs without additional wires. It works good as long as there is line of sight between the two devices. My son uses the system in his condo.

My SVS subs don’t have speaker level inputs so I use the Jensen transformers to convert speaker level back to line level.

You should be able to run a short set of speaker wires directly from the speaker binding posts directly to the subs high level inputs.

As mentioned above give SVS a call or email. They are pretty good at getting replies back quickly. Phone would be best.


Late to this but in case it helps someone:

I split the XLR output on the preamp out with these:

One of the outputs has a transformer to protect against interference, this goes to the sub, and the other goes to the amp. I use one per channel and send the sub a stereo signal.

Works great, Paul mentioned this as his preferred method, and you can get these things for $25 each on eBay.

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