Suggested improvements/features to the Data view section of tPowerPlay website for the Power Plants.


I have some suggestions for improvements and features for the PowerPlay Power Plant control and monitoring website:

1. Store data for a 1 year period. In early January I went to the Performance section to look at data for December 2013. I found that all that can be viewed is Jan. to Dec. of the current year. I sent an email to Paul to ask why I could not view the previous month. He replied that due to the volume of data to store all if this they only keep 1 year of data and delete all if the data on December 31st. As I suggested to him and am now posting here for comments us that they keep 1 year of data in a rolling basis, ie. on any day you can always look up to 1 year in the past. This does not necessarily have to be 365 days of data requiring deleting data every day, but it could be up to 365 days but deleting on a monthly basis, so there would be at least 11 months.

As you know this is a common feature on many websites with personal data, banks etc., where only a certain period of past data is available.

2. Provide a way to download the data in some format, probably a CSV file format, so one can manipulate the data if they wish. Probably letting the user specify a date range and whether they want the data on a daily or hourly basis.

3. Provide a way on the website to specify a date range for viewing the data.

I believe these would be nice and useful additions to this feature of the Power Plants.



I raised point 1. with them a long time ago. From what I understand not many people access their performance data…in any event there are bugs in the way the performance data is presented and it has been like that since day 1 (i.e. years). Last I heard they hired a new programmer a few months back to sort out these issues but I haven’t seen any fixes come throught yet. I suspect in the grand scheme of things this is not a high priority for attention.