I just read a blog post over at The Music Room (tmraudio.com) about a package of firmware you guys are releasing for the Direct Stream DACs?

Here is what a guy named Duncan Taylor, who I believe is ex-PS Audio employee, said:

Anyway. I’m just bringing this up, because my friend and recording project partner Darren Myers and I spent a wild evening recently doing something that would baffle the measurement-only folks: over about 5 hours, we listened to and judged 21 different PS Audio DirectStream DAC FPGA code compilations of brand new firmware, to be released very soon.

Is this true? How will this new firmware be packaged?

This is the direct URL link - https://tmraudio.com/blog/set-up-for-success/

I see that it was from October of last year, but I just discovered PS Audio and have not been able to find any further references to what looks like a batch of some kind with different versions of the firmware, all coming out at once. At least that’s how I read it. Any help appreciated. Is there a new Redcloud version out too? Oh crap I’m way behind…I see they are up to Snowmass. Looks like multiple versions. I will search around for more info.

It’s called Snowmass and is available for download.

Looks like a newer version of Snowmass? I’m seeing posts about 3.04 and now it’s 3.06? Sorry to repeat post if this has already been discussed.

That’s how PS Audio do their firmware releases. They build lots of different compiles of the code and they all get assessed by ear. The one that sounds the best is the version that gets approved by Paul and released. This has been widely written about here.

OK. Thank you. I will do some more looking around.