Suggestions for XLR IC cable, 4-5 meters (13-14 ft), less than $1K USD preferred

I am interested in relocating my rack from between my speakers to the side. I learned from several sources, especially from reading Jim Smith (Get Better Sound), doing that will greatly improve sound quality. I will keep my BHK 300 mono amps between my speakers, low close to the floor. I need a long XLR IC to connect BHK Pre to BHK 300. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. I would like to keep the price below $1k. Thanks.

Its pretty hard to go wrong with Belden BAV or Iconoclast if you have the budget. I have a 32’ set of BAV’s and love them.

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I suggest looking at ANTI CABLES. They have 3 levels for XLR. I use ANTI CABLES extensively in my system, with the top level versions in my most critical connections. They are primarily mail order, in the US. The owner, Paul Speltz, will give you personal advice with a money back guarantee.

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What were you using before that you liked?

Thanks. I will consider Belden BAV. ETPC will be around top of the budget.

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I will consider anticables, I have experience with their speaker cable, liked it.

I am using wireworld silver eclipse XLR IC right now, like it a lot, but 14 ft of it will be too expensive.

When I relocated my system I went the DIY route and made my XLR IC’s with Duelund wire. The length was 15 feet, as a matter of fact I made all my ICs from Duelund hookup wire.

The Duelands are a good option and flexible. You can check with Bill (Grannyring) on Audiogon if you don’t want to DIY.