Anyone need a TT, Disc player or AVR?

I have these three pieces that haven’t been turned on for 25 years or so. If any of you know someone getting started that could use them I will send them just for the UPS bill. It will take some time to round up suitable boxes. I have no idea if they still work or not. Pay no attention to the dust bunnies :grin:


Very Cool…


Good man, I like your generous style.

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Thanks. I really don’t have a use and they have been in the basement sitting since at least 2000 or so. I couldn’t bring myself to toss them just yet and thought maybe someone here could use the pieces.

Is that a laser disc player?

It’s a CD changer. I think it holds 5 CD’s. I’ll take a better pic tonight and repost.
Same era as the laser disc players though. I remember renting a laser disc player and the movies back in the day.

If you are looking for one, I have 2 that I would sell for relatively cheap.

Nice offer. One thought; if you’re planning a PS Audio purchase you may be able to use them in their trade-in program to offset the cost.



I’ll take the turntable for my daughter if that’s alright? She’s been looking for one. I’ll pay you for it.

Mike D

Hi Mike,
I don’t need any money for the piece. I will find a suitable box and let you know the shipping costs. I will be out of town for the next couple of weeks and will let you know when I return.
Send me your shipping address when you have time.

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Okay. Which brands and how much?

The only thing left is the CD changer. It is a Harmon-Kardon unit but I dont have the model now. I will take another look tonight and repost a good picture.

Damn, Vern------I’ve been wanting to say that. :grinning:
I once gave away an old McIntosh power amp. Free. And when the nice gentleman showed up, he was clearly disappointed that it was solid state! Can’t make this stuff up… :roll_eyes:


An old friend used to say “you would b1tch if you were hung with a new rope!”

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Here’s a better picture of the CD changer.

Pioneer. DVL 909 and CLD 2070. I have the original box for the 2070. You pay shipping make an offer. I will tell you right now, I have never sold equipment through any web/internet site. Joe