Bridge Volume Drops Unexpectedly

I’m in the “I like it” camp for Sunlight, but I dislike the apparent inconsistencies with the volume setting. Much worse than from my recollection of previous versions. I set my volume to 92 but it rarely stays there. Sometimes it will weirdly drop to 91. Other times it will drop to 50. All this with nothing else going on. It’s kind of annoying, really.

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If you aren’t using your bridge, I suspect things will settle down if you take it out (assuming you have one :slight_smile: )

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I do have one, @tedsmith. I assume you might know what’s going on here?

No actually, but except for random IR in your house (or a new bug in old code) the Bridge is the only thing that can change the volume while the system is running. During software updates there were some bugs that might mess with the volume or the balance and recently PS Audio changed the software update to lower the volume. But there have been multiple bugs in the past and or features where the Bridge changed the volume. It can react to volume change commands from some controllers/players and it also sometimes bashed the volume to 50 (or was it 80?) Anyway if you aren’t using it it might be causing volume issues and also the sound quality of other inputs may improve without the Bridge being in the box.


Thanks Ted!

The Bridge definitely causes volume dropping to 50. I used to have that problem often until I upgraded my internet service, modern, and wireless router. Now I do not have the issue anymore. It does not related to Sunlight update since I had the issue before Sunlight.

So I am increasingly frustrated by the random volume drops. What is the solution if you have a Bridge card and want to keep using it?

Also, why not do an update to remove the volume drop problem entirely?

Is your volume set to fixed or variable?

Fixed I believe. I use the preamp to change volume.

Check and make sure as putting it on fixed should change any movement.


If you set the volume leveling to locked, it won’t do it anymore.

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How do you set the volume leveling to locked?

From the touch screen of the DS.

You can navigate to it through the settings on the screen. It has to be done through the screen as there isn’t the option on the remote.

Thanks. I set it to fixed and it works now.

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