SUNLIGTH Impossible


I tried everything with the DIrectStream JR to switch from WINDOW to SUNLIGTH: in vain!

  1. tested 6 USB keys from 8 to 32 GB formatted in FAT 32, in EFAT, and even under MAC OS (on a PC & a MAC).
  2. cleaned the contacts of the USB keys and DirectStream JR with household alcohol, then insert and extract the key ten times.
  3. Unplug all cables from the DAC before turning it on with the USB stick inserted in the slot.
  4. Only two USB sticks out of the six tested light up the flashing blue PSAUDIO logo when the DAC is powered on.
  5. the flashing lasts for almost a minute, but SUNLIGTH will not charge; WINDOW remains in place.
  6. I have tried to load all versions of the software from YALE to SNOWMASS: in vain! no version is installed …
  7. I sent an email to the French PSAUDIO distributor to request the shipment of a functional USB key; no answer for the moment.
    The installation of the various software upgrades has always been a very delicate problem to resolve each time (at least with the version intended for DirectStream JR).
    Do you have a viable solution? Can PS AUDIO USA send me a working DirectStream JR USB stick?

Thank you all for your help.


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