Cannot update firmware for PSaudio DS Jr


Hi everyone,

I recently purchased Psaudio DS Jr Dac. I am very happy with the sound of this DAC.
Yesterday, I tried to update firmware from Huron to Recould but it did not work. I have followed the instruction from PSaudio such as downloaded the Redcloud files and copied to a blank and formated usb stick however when i inserted USB and turned on the psaudio Jr, the front panel logo light did not blink and never start to load the new firmware, the Jr just ignored to install the new firmware version but run directly to the Huron.
I have tried to search for similar issues however I could not find any others information.
Could anyone have similar problem or know what to do please help me to solve this problem?
Thank you very much!



Did you just load the files on to the USB drive and not the folder?


I loaded the folder and unziped, then i copied all the files to formated usb stick


If you haven’t already found it there is some more detailed info in the How To section under the “Resources” menu at the top of this page: (

But you probably want to contact PS Audio support.

Some things to double check:

Check that you are using the software designed for the DS Jr.

Turn off the DS Jr for, say, 5 to 10 seconds before putting in the USB stick and powering it up.

If you go back to, say, the Torreys release before you go forward to Redcloud it might help.

Perhaps waiting a few days for Snowmass might be easier over all.


I had the same problem. Not even the PS Audio supplied thumb drive would load. They sent me a 2nd thumb drive and that did load. I had difficulty with every update, right from the very first release. PS Support will take care of it.


I also purchased a DS Jr recently and had difficulty upgrading the firmware as well. Interestingly, the first pen drive I used didn’t work even after multiple tries and formattings. When I switched to another pen drive (with the same capacity!) it worked.