Swapping Power Transformer Primaries for EU operation

A friend of mine is relocating from the USA (120v mains AC) to the EU (230v mains AC). From this video it sounds like the power transformers in PS Audio units have an alternate set of primaries for use with EU utility mains but i’m having a hard time even finding pictures of the transformer windings much less the steps for making the change, or pictures of the internals

I’m guessing this could be as simple as popping the top and swapping a couple of labeled spade connectors, or as complicated as identifying the right wires, confirming operation by injecting voltage through the primary and then soldering them in place?

My instinct though is that is an easy swap so PS Audio can effectively manage international distribution without burning up a bunch of units. I figured i’d see of anyone has done this and can tell us what it entails.

thanks in advance for any hints!