Switching between Toslink and USB

Hi folks,

I’m thinking about a Sprout100. I understand that the USB takes precedence over the Toslink connection. I would like to stream from my Win10 desktop using USB. I would also like to plug in my CD player via Toslink. Two questions:

  1. Is the USB connection to a typical Win10 plug-and-play, or is there a software download necessary?

  2. (Assuming the computer remains powered on and connected to the Sprout100 via USB.) When using the CD player, can the USB connection to the Sprout100 be defeated by an inline off-on switch, or must the USB cable be physically disconnected from the unit?

I’m posting beyond my knowledge level a little, so I hope this is clear. Thanks!!!



  1. can’t speak to the Windows situation specifically, but I would guess the OS will tell you if you need to download a driver. I’m on a mac, and it recognized the sprout’s USB audio. PS Audio drivers are available here:
  1. but I can speak to this: Yep, USB takes precedence if both digital inputs are used. (this would have been one change i would have requested, to have each input with its own selector.) So, you’ll either need to power down the computer, or unplug the cable.

I’d ask why you’d want to go Toslink from your CD player… Not that it’s a bad option, but you’ll be bypassing the DAC in your CD player for the Sprout’s DAC. I don’t know which is better. But if you use the CD player’s DAC and go into the Sprout’s Analog input, you won’t need to fiddle with unplugging cables.

(you might have a tuner or tape player or other analog input so that could be the simple reason!)

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Howdy Dave! Windows 10 has the necessary drivers, so you’ll just need to select your Sprout100 as your playback device.

As Terzinator mentioned, it would be worth it to try out the DAC in your CD player against the DAC in your Sprout100 to see which sounds better to your ears.

Regarding the inline switch, that should work just fine.

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d’oh! totally missed the inline-switch comment.

yep, this kind o thing would work I’d guess. Simple solution.


Hi, @terzinator and @Schroedster

Thanks for answering my questions so quickly. For the CD player, I’m pretty sure the Sprout100’s DAC is superior, but I will definitely experiment to find the best sound.

Yes, @terzinator, as well-equipped and flexible as the Sprout100 is, it would be a tiny drop nicer if the Toslink connection was master of its own little domain.

Thanks again!

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It is plug and play as Windows has the appropriate driver already installed so it should just pop up and allow you to say yes.

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