Synergistic Research Tranquility Base under a DirectStream DAC


I was able to place a Tranquility Base under the DAC last night and it made a very nice difference. I did use a grounding cable to the Active Ground Block and I attached the power supply to a PowerCell SX line conditioner. The Tranq Base uses field generator technology to lower noise.

It was pretty noticeable…the music was more natural and the sound staging appeared deeper and wider. The sound became a bit less electronic and smoother. I was kind of surprised how large the difference was. I had heard the differences before in Ted Denney’s demos but it was nice to hear it in my system.

I thought I might share these results in case anyone was considering tweaks for the PS Audio DACs.




It amazes me how sensitive our systems are to power.

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One small step for man…One giant leap for man’s power refined.

Sorry could not help it the eagle landed at tranquility base when I read this.


Yes, everything matters is what I have learned doing this stuff for 35 years.

Hi Lee, I am considering to order a SR active ground block SE. Could you share your experience with yours? I have a SR power conditioner UEF 12, and many other SR things. Thanks.


I put a set of MIG’s to test and it was a huge difference with just them. Changing orientation was very discernible to.

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Yes, I have a set of these and they’re fun to play with.

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The SR products have certainly made a difference to my system. Yet to try any of the acoustic products but the cables, cords, PowerCell, and active ground has benefited the musical experience. Tranquility base… thanks for the insights.

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Sorry for very slow reply. I have been super busy.

The active ground block installs a lower noise floor on the system. It’s noticeable when you do a A/B with it on or off.