System Component History

Just for fun (and boredom apparently) I decided to create a list of all audio components I’ve owned over the decades. Some of the earlier stuff is a bit foggy so did my best. List below with last item in each category being my presently owned system components:


  • Kenwood 40W/channel receiver
  • Denon 40W/channel receiver
  • Onkyo 100W/channel integrated
  • Nakamichi PA5 100W/channel amp
  • Nakamichi CA5 preamp
  • Innersound Electrostatic 300W/channel amps (x2)
  • Consonance Basie tube preamp (kit)
  • Innersound preamp
  • PS Audio BHK preamp
  • Sanders Sound Systems Magtech 500W-900W/channel amps (x2)

Digital Source Components:

  • Yamaha CD player
  • Sony 300/400 CD carousels (x2)
  • Theta Pearl transport
  • Theta Jade transport
  • PS Audio PWT
  • Audioengine B1 Bluetooth interface


  • Channel Islands DAC w/ outboard PS
  • ANK 4.1LE DAC (kit)
  • PS Audio DS DAC w/ Bridge2 (NOTE: was Perfect Wave DAC upgraded to DS DAC with kit)

Analog Front End:

  • Sony TT
  • Thorens TD115 TT
  • Rega P1 TT
  • Rega P5 TT (fully upgraded with Groovetracer components)
    • Ortofon Blue, Benz Micro Wood & Gullwing
  • Rega RP10 TT
    • Rega Apheta2 & Aphelion2
  • Project phono preamp (later added step up transformers)
  • Pass DIY Pearl 2 phono preamp
  • Parasound JC3 Jr. phono preamp
  • PS Audio Stellar phono preamp


  • Altec Lansing 2-way
  • Boston Acoustics A-200 3-way
  • Boston Acoustics A40 (2 pair)
  • Acoustat Spectra-22 electrostatics
  • Innersound Eros Mk3 hybrid electrostatics
  • Sanders Sound Systems Model 10e hybrid electrostatics w/ LMS
  • SVS SB-3000 subwoofer

Power Related:

  • PS Audio Stellar P3 Regenerator (for all source components)


  • Bottlehead Stereomour II SET Integrated (3.5W/channel) (kit)
  • Madisound BK-16 single driver (Fostex) speakers (kit)
  • Audioengine B1 Bluetooth interface


  • Peachtree Audio Deepblue3 Bluetooth Speaker (great performer for $300)