What is your favorite PS Audio component?

Being a PS Audio devotee and owner of several PS models my favorite ‘to die for’ PS Audio component is their Direct Stream DAC.

Mine is my DAC (it’s the only PS Audio gear I own) :grin:

That was easy!

My favorite are the AC-3 and AC-5 power cables. The sealed molded barrels I think are unique to PS Audio in the after-market power cable genre. And no heat shrink tube! The other manufacturers, as far as I know, all use assembled connectors with stamped metal prongs (except Audioquest which also use a molded barrel, but with stamped metal prong). In my opinion there is no excuse for using heat shrink tube on an expensive after-market cable.

Power Plant. I have a P5 and a P12.


Both my DS DACs

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I have one of everything they make (BHK300’s, BHKpre, P10, P5, NPC, DSD-DACSr, DMP)…. How do you choose, it’s like trying to choose your favorite child. That said, that little NPC. I love it.

I would have to say that my BHK Pre Amp is my #1 out if nine PSA components that i own. It allows me to run 5 different sources via either XlR or RCA. It also provides contentment… enough that i am not looking at expensive cables seeking a better sound. At least that’s how i rationalize it. Lol.
#2 is probably my P5 and P10 for eas of mind provided that the burrage of power surges and fluctuations that I get are secured via the regenerators.
I have the BHK 250 and two G2 REL Subs on the P-10 which is All it can handle.
The phono pre, BHK pre, DSjr, DMP, tape deck, M700, All on the P5. And it has room to spare. Solid state is amazing. But sure doesn’t have the sound stage the BHK 250 has.

The DirectStream DAC. This component makes all my others sound so so good.

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The SGCD. Best preamp I’ve had.
With or without the M700s.

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Without doubt the NuWave Phono Converter is the very best phonostage I’ve owned (and I’ve owned a few).

AC12 power cables

Good to know. I have very little experience with other brand components. I’m a newby and it took me about five years to get my system together. Put all my faith in PSA as I want spend the time and anxiety researching. Just glad i made the connection