System Photos!

Newer to the forum, however, I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the great systems in this thread. I’m currently finishing out a dedicated music room.

My Current System:
Cambridge Audio CXN V2 (my first streamer)
Esoteric SA-50 SACD
Modwright SWL 9.0SE pre
Pass Labs XA60.5 monoblocks
NHT 3.3 Speakers


Love the NHTs.


Me too !

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NIce system, and those XA-60.5’s probably put out about twice their rated output at 8, 4 & 2 ohms.

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There is something about Modwright gear that really appeals to me, aesthetically.

Does that preamp sound as sweet as it looks?


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My system is slowing changing from a home theater to a 2 Channel listening room. I have one more year until the kiddo leaves for collage then, it will be all mine :slight_smile:

Current system:
Anthem AVM 60
Oppo 103
Cambridge 851N
VPI Player
PS Audio M700’s
Anthem A5’s for surround
Focal Sopra 3’s
Paradigm Surrounds and Atoms.


The Modwright has been my foundation since I picked it up in 2005. I got it from a friend who was looking to upgrade. I’ve tried a mixture of other SS and tube preamps, but keep coming back to it. I may move to a fully balanced pre at some point, but still love the sound of the Modwright. I just picked up the Pass amps last year, so that has been the biggest upgrade in last 10 years (moved from an Adcom 555).

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DIY cabinet with soundbar and subwoofer in place.


Looks “Nifty”. Have you done anything to decouple the sub woofer from the cabinetry?

Maybe a solution in search of a problem but I would expect some vibration issues.

Curiously yours.


Nice Kiwi! :smile:

Not yet. Have only tested with a stupid news show. No movies yet.

My guess is that we will keep the sub level fairly low with the soundbar. Again, we’re not big home-theater folks.

But I have some options for isolation/absorption if necessary.

If not already on your audition/give it a try list, you might consider these:

SVS SoundPath “Subwoofer Isolation System”

Good value and fairly effective in my experience.


Just did some testing with a few YouTube concerts and music. The cabinet is pretty solid, and the subwoofer is quite controlled (tight? Subdued?). Not seeing much of a need at this point, but we’ll see what happens when we get to some car chases and explosions! :hear_no_evil:

The other isolation feet I use are those little Hudson hi-fi rubber half spheres. I’ve got them on a few pieces of equipment and I really like them.

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I know the DAVE is supposed to win on detail… How did you find the change in voicing between the MS>TT2 to MS>DAVE?

Pass amps remind me of a movie…anyone remember the flick?

Only back then, they were made by Krell. :blush:


One of my most MOST favourite films :slight_smile:
“Sometimes the gauges register a little
when the buck deer fight in the autumn
or when birds fly over in the spring…”

Think I will have to put this on (sound down mostly, but turning up for the best bits) this evening, means dragging my little TV out from where it is stashed :slight_smile:

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Be sure to watch it with Robbie and the “creatures of the Id”.

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Actually scared me as a kid did that id monster attacking the ship!
Between this, The Third Man, Paris, Texas, and Plenty, they are all the film’s I need :slight_smile:

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Truly a paradigm shifting movie, when Sci Fi went from monsters hanging by obvious ropes and screaming heroine falling and twisting her ankle to Hi Fi as it were. Still ranks as one of the all time great sci fi movies. “It’s my morning run of isotope 215, it hardly comes to 10 tonnes” and “Would 50 Gallons be Sufficient?” Classic Robbie lines


Whoa - that film takes me back to when I was a kid in the 80’s watching it for the first time. At the time, I built my own hafler amps and dreamed of a Krell & IRS system. :slight_smile:


It was better articulated by my dealer who said, “with the mScaler + TT2 it felt like the notes were discs rising in front of you, with the mScaler + DAVE the discs have become bubbles”. Since the mScaler replaces the first upscaling filter of all Chord DACs and removes the taps “arms race” or sets it to 1M+ and the analogue output stage of all Chord DACs are extremely simple, low component count as a design principle many attribute the uplift to the 20 bit Pulse Array of DAVE as opposed to the 10 bit Pulse Array of all other Chord DACs. Whether that is the reason I don’t know but certainly everything sounds more realistic which I assume is the resolving power and micro detail coming to the fore. Nils Lofgren’s “Keith Don’t Go”'s opening strings are much more lifelike. Piano also sounds more realistic to me as well. I do find these audible differences “better” but difficult to articulate.

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