Poll. New PS Audio product wishes for 2024

Which is the most desired “next product” you’d like for the upcoming year? (Multiple choice enabled)

  • PerfectWave Pre Phono
  • BHK 550 Stereo Amp
  • AirLens Switch and/or Router
  • Next Gen PowerPlant Line
  • Stellar M2000 amps
  • TSS 2 chassis DAC
  • Server
  • FR Subwoofer
  • Grounding Solution
  • Other
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Only one vote?

Max 8 votes, I’m generous!

Something that works out of the box on initial release without gremlins. That would mean absolutely nothing that involves software of any kind.


I voted “Other” in addition to FR sub. Looking forward to FR stand mount. It’ll be pretty interesting for PS Audio to make the FR30 top part available in it’s own enclosure as the stand mount, with separate binding posts for the mid and tweeter. Not sure if I want a mid bass driver in there or not.

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I second that, although I wouldn’t blame all of it to SW in general. Different companies deal very differently with quality control, reliability and support.

An AirLens with support for more than trouble free Roon functionality would make me happy enough in 2024.

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As for my needs and budget. . . I went other. I’d like to see the “Digital Lens” as a standalone product to use with another brand component (specifically for digital input into an Oppo UDP-205). Also. . . I’d love to see a coaxial and optical into PS Audio I2S HDMI protocol component. . . .

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I went for other as I think the DSP-based equalizer Paul discussed in this Ask Paul video sounds intriguing. Go to the 40 second mark.



Forever an analog guy. The oft promised PerfectWave Phono would have me surveying my stable of extra components for a trade to have it.


My wish is for an Airlens Mk2 that in addition to Roon will also support Airplay2, Chromecast, and HQPlayer NAA protocol.

Yes I share Paul’s phantasy, that would be great, even just for rare and less extreme cases to equalize. But as he says, it wouldn’t be lossless at all (everyone who heard even very good DSP based speakers or setups with digital room correction knows).

I would like to see a SOTA (latest and greatest Class D amplification and Chris’s best effort LF drivers) with built in DSP/integration software allowing one to tune a stereo pair of subs (or individual subs) from the listening position.



Rather than focus on another product, perhaps a short respite to “complete” some of those already released. Namely the PST and DS Mk II, both of which need software improvements. The PST has been waiting well over a year and the final version of Massive has been delayed for several months. Not so much complaining, more don’t forget about these other products needing to be “finished”.


me too

I believe you are describing the FR5 which is slated for mid next year.

See Chris’s comments on the FR5 in the FR10 photo thread 9 days ago.

All in one speakers, including an amp, DAC, and streaming — and why not, DSP for room correction, too.

BHK 150 Monoblock in a P12 chasis?

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yep, knew that but just wanted to say me too for something :grin:

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I voted Other. Those Alpine speakers look great, but are out of my budget range (even the FR5s), so I am still awaiting the development of the Sprout speaker.