T+A, anyone has past current experience with the brand?

I’m looking to upgrade my main source which is streaming and CD playback. I’m currently saving for a PS SACD player, but looking at the T+A newly released MP 200 got me thinking… for 6 grand or less if I can find a deal, I can get a mid-top shelf streamer and transport in one unit.

However, never had any experience with the brand directly. Can this be a blind purchase? Or do I need to demo it? Hope to get some feedback here.



You may want to reach out to Galen Gareis, IIRC he runs T+A gear.

Hmm, that by itself sounded like it can be a blind purchase. I like iconoclast cables.

@rower30 Galen, if you read this, would love to hear your input on the brand. Are they squarely neutral gear? Or any coloration in the voicing in general?

I’ve not heard the brand, only good things about it. You may want to touch base with a local dealer or give them a call if dropping in isn’t an option.


I’m just too lazy for the dealer demo model :stuck_out_tongue:



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So far my dice rolling ended me here, I suppose I’m bit on the lucky side depends on how I see it. My wallet would definitely disagree lol.

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Mine as well, good luck with the search and let us know how it turns out. :grinning:

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T+A is a well known German brand that’s been around for quite some time. Highly regarded in Germany both as a brand and for their sonic and built quality. You’re not looking for their top of the line product, so a disparity with the PWST remains likely.

I’ve enjoyed their anniversary V10 and D10 amp and sacd player for years, underwriting above mentioned criteria.
Fun fact: in the Stereophile review back in the day for that combo, the brand name was considered to be short for ‘Tits and Ass’ because of its sonic presence.

However, it’s best to hear your objects of choice side by side, before deciding for one over the other.

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Every unit will be SLIGHTLY different, but all the T+A are voiced flat. They aren’t warm, or have a bass or treble emphasis. Those coloration aren’t bad matched with the right stuff mind you, but can overdrive warmer, brighter or more bass prominent speakers, amps or both. This can limit future speaker choices more than open the choices up.

I use the following T+A units-
SD3100HV DAC / Streamer. ROON and TIDAL are built-in . The DAC has 100% separate DSD and PCM DAC filter sections so it is reallyy two DCA’s representing the best filters to both techs. I use the DSD section filter with DSD512 from my JRiver 30 software. If it is PCM, it is upsampled. If it is native DSD64 it is left alone.
PA3100HV pre amp.
M40 HV mono amps.
CWT1000-40 hybrid electrostatic speakers (or CLX with stereo BF212 subs)

I use the following other items-
P20 PSAudio power supply regenerator.
PSAudio Memory CD Player using the AES/EBU digital out to the SD3100 HV DAC.
VPI classic II table with JM Memorial uni-pivot tonearm+SUMIKO Blackbird high output MC.
Pass Labs XP-25 head amplifier.

Cables. Well, I ended up picking ICONOCLAST. Figure that one out!

This is all a fast and neutral sound that I enjoy. Going either way, towards bass or mid/treble emphasis sends me back to neutral. Sure, I like either sometimes but not very long.

The answer? T+A leans to a most neutral sound. Yes, they are generally a higher price point but are built really well and like PSAudio, considered a benchmark in their price ranges.

Still, listen because DAC’s are all the filter compromises. It doesn’t matter how well a DAC is built if the filter’s compromises aren’t your thing.



Looks like T+A will be at AXPONA again this year.


I’m an extremely happy T+A PA3100HV owner. I have listened to the new MP line and find it hard to beat.

LIke everything you need listen for yourself.

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What a list of gear, I’ll add them to my aspirational list. Thanks so much for your input Galen.

I had a T+A DAC/streamer combo. Marvelous. Very good German company.