Tagging Question for JRMC Users

With the purchase of one fo the latest Octave Records releases, “Levelland”, I decided to go ahead and put all of the “Hi-Res” variants into my JRiver Media Center database.

I am looking for advice on how best to differentiate the various file format versions by tagging the album data somehow.

In the past, I simply put “DSD” in between parentheses in the album title for the .dsf version “WAV” for the WAV version, etc.

That may or may not be the most elegant or savvy way to do this.

JRMC users, please let me know how you set up the different album version for your JRMC software, and integration of the files into Roon - as applicable.


Don’t see why you need a data tag. You could easily build a view based upon file type (ex. Dsf) and/or data rate. That’s what I do. Then write it into JRemote.

JRMC initially lumps all of the different file types together into one file. So, the new record shows up with an album name multiple tracks 1, 2, 3, etc. (as many as there are file types).

For example, until I go in and clean it up, the Levelland album currently has three .wav and one .dsf version of each of the ten tracks.

The .wav files are 2166, 4608 and 9216 bit rates and the .dsf file is 5644.

I would like to have each resolution recognized as an individual album and I just want to use the most appropriate/elegant method of doing so - recognizing that Roon will also feed off of these files.


You can tag DSD in the “Group” then when you need to search all files formatted in dsd, just type DSD (or dsd) in the search box, Jriver will present all files which were tagged as DSD in its library. Hope this help

In case you got wav and dsd in the same folder, just high light the .dsf files and goto Tag>Group and edit them as DSD. That’s what I’ve done

Would you mind clarifying this recommendation a bit - provide some more details?

I don’t quite follow your recommendation.

Thanks for your help.

Sorry that I am not so clear. I am sending you some photos to illustrate

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PM me if you need more info on tagging the files in Jriver.

Thanks. I understand what you are doing and how to tag files generally.

I don’t think we are quite yet conversing about the specific thing I am trying to address.

Allow me to elaborate a bit…

See these two pictures:

(Sorry for the neck-craning needed to look at them.)

See how I have added (DSD) to the title of one of the two albums in order to differentiate between the two?

I am “simply” looking for feedback and ideas about how best to accomplish this objective. I can keep doing what I am doing, but wonder if there is a “better” way to set these versions up in JRMC.

Thanks again for chiming in.

Best regards.

Ah now I get what you want to do. Jriver use the differences in Album’s title to populate its library. I would do the same way as you do to separate the same album.


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Happy New Year from Down Under.


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