Music library in .wav


In the past there alway’s were problems tagging a .wav library. Importing the library took hours or even days. Playing a .wav track through the bridge made certain noises at the end of the track. Well lately (a month ago) I converted my library back to .wav once again and it seems the trouble is vanished. Importing the library in Jriver only took minutes the sound is even better than converting on the fly and I haven’t heard a single crack in the sound. So at least the latest bridge firmware is ready for .wav!

Highly recommended!


Great news!

Are even tagged WAVs completely silent at the end of the file?


Yes, I haven’t heard a single crack. The only difference for me is that I use a preamp, but that should not make any difference as far as I know.


Very nice development. Tagged WAV can be a real problem with some players and DACs.


For compatibility purposes (once you decide to use other player than jriver) you still may use AIFF :slight_smile:

But it’s intriguing that you have better sound quality with wav than with on-the-fly-transcoded flac sent to bridge, hmm i have to verify this in my setup. In the past I have not hear any difference, now I got better resolving amp and preamp so i have to double-check now


@wijnand: after your post, i gave it another try. I’m on the OSX (iMac) platform. I bought Metadatics for tagging the wav files and already used XLD for conversion. Metadatics is a great program for only 9 euro! Since then, all music up to 24/48 I converted to wav. I’m very excited about the results! No problems whatsoever with JRiver and JRemote. Next step will be a dedicated Mac Mini for JRiver and WaveStream. I’m not sure if the MM is still available when WaveStream for Mac is out! :-S



Good to hear you like the results.

Which version of Jriver are you using on the mac?

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I’m always using the latest version, which is at the moment 18.0.217. I already preordered the MC19 version for Mac. The only issue I have right now is the lack of gapless playback. I really like the look & feel of JRiver MC. For tagging I used the program Tag (, but it doesn’t handle wav files. Metadatics does handle wav files very well. It also offers more options for cover art.


I use DBpoweramp for ripping and converting. My library was Alac which is easy with tagging. After tagging I converted the whole library to wav all tags stay the same. I have not included the coverart in the tag, but just a folder.jpg in the file. This works great.

I use Jriver on windows 8 running on a macmini. I think version 18.0.194 is the best version for windows.



Maybe I also start with a Mac Mini and install Windows, instead of OSX. I already tested JRiver and WaveStream on an Windows pc. Thanks for the info.



When you do! You need to install the harddrive in a windows 64bit machine first and install windows 8 64bit.

When the install is done you put this harddrive in the mac and download bootcamp to install the missing drivers.

Good luck!


@wijnand Is it because of JRiver you have album art with your WAV files?


Actualy It’s not only for Jriver almost every program I know works fine with the coverart in the folder.

Probably I used the wrong expression I meant folder instead of file.

It’s not necessary to store the coverart in the tracks.

When you do! You need to install the harddrive in a windows 64bit machine first and install windows 8 64bit.
When the install is done you put this harddrive in the mac and download bootcamp to install the missing drivers.

Good luck!

Why does this work differently than just installing bootcamp and the Win7.
Then Booting to Win7 should be the same result?


Well I must say I’m not very familiar with mac’s, but I didn’t manage to install anything on the mac when the harddrive was empty. The only thing I could do was download the mac OSX and that wasn’t what I want.

Maybe I can learn something!?

wijnand said: Maybe I can learn something!?

here is something.


One of the comments makes good sense.

Since OSX does not take up much space on it’s own and is necessary for future updates, why not keep it on a partition and run Windows with Bootcamp.

It is a separate log0in anyway so the Osx just looks like an additional little drive.

Who knows, you might even get to like OSX some day.


Thanks! That is interesting. Actualy I once discovered by accident when I moved a solid state disk from a windows 8 machine to the mac mini that it started windows 8. After that I just used that method to install windows on a mac. But indeed there are other ways.

It’s not that I dislike a mac OSX. I have one mac and two solid state drives one with ammara Mac OSX waiting to try the wavestream and one with windows 8 with Jriver. At the moment I like Jriver better than ammara. This because Jriver handles wav.