The AN-series Vs other similar designs out there?

I would like to tribute with my own experience on (maybe) kind of similar designs, as PS audios new An-Series. Not many knows the little French company: Lavardin, who makes Amps? Sometimes i wonder why, as when their first product hits the market in 1999, the whole HIFI community was all gobsmacked by this new design filosofi. The amp was called: Lavardin IT. Why do i write about an amp, when i have choosing the subject of loudspeakers? Its because the founder of Lavardin, was fiddling with making a speaker for himself, that would benefit and match the series of Lavardin amps. He indeed succeed with that, and while he was making those speakers, many costumer came by and got the chance too listen to this system, and was blowed away at first sight. He (the forunder) then decided to put them in production, but had in the meantime left the company, to start a sister company (Le Contoure), too build those speakers, when at the time was 3 models. The model i show here, is the little floor stander, and is a part of my system, which involve the top of the line Lavardin Pre/Mono amps. Lavardin also makes their own cable line, so one might say that what they was trying too do, is somehow what PS Audio now want for their costumer. The ability to put a whole system together, that is build around to match each other perfectly, is also your goal, and i really hope you will succeed with the, as im sure you will :heart_eyes: As you can see, my speakers is not the regular type. The front has only two drivers (mid/treble), and on the back you see the bas driver, open in the bottom. It gives the ability too put them very close to the wall, and by that they are very room friendly, and can be easy to set-up. That doesn't mean they are. The room itself has a lot too do with that, as you already know. They can be close, they can be put out slightly, but they also function way out from the wall, and i guess its a matter of taste? But i love the fact, that i can move them around and be able to get all kinds of performance out of that. I also tried other amps to drive them, but with the whole Lavardin “system” put together, it all falls in place. If thats PS Audios goal, as i guess it is, i hope i can be able too hear that system for myself one day? I live in Denmark, so i cannot just pop by your facilities. My system is indeed a very special experience, and not for all i can surely say. I myself is a musician, and what i like about that system, is the ability to let instruments and especially voices sound very natural. I do not know if there is a distributor in the US? But if there is, and some of you have the chance to get too hear it, i would very much recommend that, and also you Paul M. :blush: In my 35 years (or something), chasing the perfect system, i will say that this system is the best ive ever heard, and by any means, i havent heard them all. But that doesn’t matter to me, as long as i`m happy with it, and i am! I think there should be more companys taking that path, to deliver a complete system, front too end, as the Lavardin/Le Contoure system. BTW, if i haven’t mention? The whole thing is put together with cables (front too end) from lavardin, and every time i try out other cable brands, matter of price, i go right back too Lavardin cables. They are NOT cheap, but they are made for those amps/speakers. As for the Lavardin amps, they have a patent on their circuit board, by something they call for “memory distortion”. Its to difficult for me to explain here, so you have to look it up for yourself. Some revierws had claimed, that with a Lavardin amps, you get the best from two worlds (solid state and tube). But that you need to hear for yourself. Sorry this post getting so long, but i wanted to explain myself the best way i know.
Best, Thomas K. Andersen
Lavardin C62, Pre-amp
Lavardin MAP, Mono blocks
Le Conture Stabile 160 Speakers
Linn Ikemi Cd Player
Rega P8 Turntable
Rega Apheta 2 cartridge (mc)
Rega Aria V2 Phono Stage (mm/mc)
All Lavardin cables, interconnect, speaker, upgraded power cords
Gigawatt PF-2 Power Filter Distribution Block, with Vovox Textura Power chord
Rack: coustum made by myself :slight_smile:

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