The Black Coffee song

The are many versions out there! My favorite is the remastered 24 bit of Peggy Lee! I feel this is the best so far version remastered! Any thoughts? What are your favorite version?

Don´t know about best one but Nicki Parrott has a good version of it too.
Same could be asked about songs like Fever etc…Peggy Lee did fine there too :slight_smile:

Ellla Fitzgerald


thanks i will chech these versions!


This Album is available on vinyl and DSD (SACD) has the Ella Fitzgerald version and many other famous female vocals! It’s a must own IMO.

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After the nine Earl Hines version comes the most sensual Julie LONDON.

london around midnight

Julie London track number 1 before Ella’s black coffee

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I’ve seen, with Barney Kessel on guitar and Ray Leatherwood on bass. I have to find the mono version.