The cassette is back…

I guess this is Chuck Norris‘ answer to streaming.


Wow. And only 12.99.



In the mid 70’s to 90’s the appeal for the cassette was two-fold, playback in one’s automobile and portability ala the Sony Walkman and its ilk. The sound offered by cassette was very good but not up to well pressed vinyl of the day. I wonder if there are any new audiophile level cassette player/recorders available on the market.

That’s pretty cool but I don’t have anything to play it on.

The story I recall reading somewhere back in the day was that the frequency response of cassettes was too limited to allow their use in radio airplay. Whether true or not, I can’t say. I never had a Nakamichi - the best I had was a Pioneer CTF-9191, and its recordings were always easily distinguishable from the LPs I copied. While I never saw a cassette player in the radio studios I’ve visited (I had several friends in radio back in the late '70s and early '80s), they sure made use of other kinds of cartridge players, if only for commercials. I never learned anything about their technology or specs, but they looked for all the world like nothing more than beefier 8-tracks.

I have a cassette player in my 2003 Subaru Forester. I “think” it still works!

Sorry I missed out on the glitter-infused clear vinyl LP.

Wait till you price out a single blankTDK SA-XG or MA-XG. Well recorded cassettes sound pretty good, the good old days of getting levels correct and minimizing “clicks” between recorded tracks.

I just don’t think this is going to have much traction. I know it’s happening, but just don’t think it is or will be very serious.

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They’ll have to bring back hexagonal pencils first. I mostly used them for illegally recording stuff from the radio, on D90’s usually. Couldn’t afford SA90. I hope for humanity this idea lasts 10 minutes.

We will know they actually made a comeback when we start seeing them on the side of the road along with a hundred feet of unspooled tape

As silly as it is, I guess some Nakamichi Dragons might rise in value again :wink:

Time to remember…

Once upon a time Nakamichi had a good slice of luxury car audio. Now a piece of history!

In the car I had Alpine…also time for nice memories…

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Hey, I still have a Nakamichi… Sounds decent too.

This was my first one as a child. Took it over from my father and still have it. A classic. Still know it as a soldier his weapon :wink:


I bought the record love Craft Recordings

Noticed this morning while perusing “New Today” listings on agon
So, I guess you can either purchase a new PST or a cassette deck