The final release of Massive for MK2 DAC

settle in for firmware? Does it means sound can change??? I understand how burn in process of new hardware working…but software??

Ted explained it as using new areas of the FPGA which may require burn-in. In my case, I keep the DSD MkII and the AirLens on so no big deal. Can’t hurt!


allright, I’m headphone user and I’m hear new massive update is more bright and thin on highs… I hope it can be better after firmware settled in…

Had to run the FPGA update twice for some reason but all is good now, commencing listening!

Smooth and easy update! Commencing listening too. Bravi

Updated just fine, listening tests to commence :slight_smile:
The UI lag (several seconds until display reacts after key click) applies also to front power button, have to try reset the unit to see if it helps.
I think the UI lag started after firmware load, because after I clicked “OK” to reset the unit it took several seconds until it started rebooting

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Hey there!
I’m trying to recreate this lag issue with our units in the factory. Are you noticing it when using the remote? Or using the front physical cluster buttons?

Man! Here in Tokyo is 5am, and the last update I was on vacation too. My system will be cold for two more weeks and I’m jealous!


system warmed up and sounding awesome - did have to turn my subs down a notch…


Ground lift settings also reset to defaults by updating firmware.

hey Aaron, it´s for both cluster buttons and also remote.
Now i tried it again, was swift for a moment (few seconds), but then it started lagging again. I have noticed the display auto-dimming was happening when it started lagging but not sure if could be related.
Another thing i recall is that when unit was restarting after fw upgrade, the bottom part (like 5-10%) of full-screen PSA logo screen was garbled , but i think I had this boot screen anomaly also before Massive Final

Hard to imagine but yes, absolutely, it burns in. Consider that onside the FPGA there are several million solid state gates. Each of those gates are actually physical devices that change with temperature and electromigration (a phenomenon where the movement of atoms within a conductor can cause changes in its resistance) conditions. What’s interesting with an FPGA is in each firmware versions, different sections on this big piece of silicone handle different functions: in one firmware compile the inner sections might be memory while the outer edges are handling DSP and math, or vice versa.

All this sounds crazy but indeed, the sound breaks in.


Update - i am quite sure the lag was caused by brightness dimming routines - i tried to reproduce it and was always successful. I was even able to freeze screen refresh when in “lag” mode.
Now I power-cycled unit , logo on boot was correct, also display now looks bit different and most imporantly the lag is gone :+1:

this is how the display looked before the power-cycle (unknown Space-Invaders type character in top left corner :slight_smile: )

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maybe try to check if your ground settings are in optimal state - seems they got reset with fw update

I had same issue. The lag is still there. I will try factory reset.

ouch, crossing fingers. if it does not help, try to set display brightness to specific level (just guessing here)

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I also had garbled screens when resetting my inputs too. It rook awhile because lag is random. It is hard to determine when and how long to wait before trying buttons again. Had issues dimming screen wit remote too.

I noticed most of the firmware sound change was because the the upload made the ground flip from lifted to grounded the increased noise adds alot of air when grounded. Alot of false noise artifacts sounded good but less live. Lifting the ground made voices sound more live and recording artifacts less notable.

Regardless i like both presentations but galvanic isolation makes everything sound less hifi and electronic and more like live non amplified. acoustic music.

Interesting how with the Beta versions the differences were smaller with both brounded and lifted. It was far less notable switching galvanic isolation.

Paul, I’ve wondered about this. If I may ask - are you the final decider for FW releases? I ask because, well, none of us are getting any younger, and while audio listening experience counts for a lot, IME it can’t quite make up for everything. My hearing is still pretty good for an aging fellow, I can still pick out tones at 16KHz, but my wife has way better ears than me - surprisingly at frequencies lower than that. I guess the question is, does PS Audio have a sharp set of youngish ears tagging along with the FW listening, to go along with your unimpeachable listening know-how and experience?


I never pulled the USB stick after the update. Since it is a meat impossible blind reach. I am wondering if leaving it in causes all the graphical interface time lags