The importance of power cables

Why ( In simple words ) the Power Cable is important ? ( if it’s important ) .
As it’s the last meter to the Amp ( lots of power Wall cables are inside my walls before that last cable …)

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A good connection is certainly important. Doesn’t have to be some super expensive cable either. You can make your own cables as well.


What is “good connection“ ?
Do you mean Plugs ?

Since you quoted the main reason most in the ‘anti power cord’ group think power cords couldn’t possibly be relevant I’m assuming you’ve read the reasons why the last meter can mean something. Hope you’re not trolling as this has been argued for ‘a million years’ and always ends up the same. You can Google it and literally spend days reading what’s already out there and then if you still have questions then I don’t know what else to say as there’s no definitive consensus. You either believe one or the other.

No, it’s the first meter from the Amp. That’s where interference (RFI, EMI, groundloops, etc.) is at the greatest. The weakest link in the power delivery will likely have the most influence at the Amp. Both in the (instantaneous and average) current available and in the noise transmitted or received (etc.)

Try one, if you don’t hear a difference then it doesn’t matter to you.


Same question here…

I just bought a used P10 (which BTW made an immediate and noticeable improvement to the sound of my system) so I’m assuming that the power cable going to the regenerator is not as important as those going from it to the other components. I have good cables for those connections but the current power cable from the wall to the P10 is not rated for 15amps and I have a dedicated 20amp line at the wall. Since it’s an 8ft. run, my plan is to make my own cable since the expense if a 8ft. shielded 20amp cable would be too much.

Is my assumption correct?

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I find that a Pangea AC9 SE MK2 made a pretty good improvement over the stock cable to my P12. Much fuller and clearer sounding. You can get a 3 meter for about $375. The better the cord to your re-generator, the better the sound. Cords after the re-generator also makes considerable improvement in SQ.
The good thing is you can try it and if you dob’t like it, return it and get your money back.


I am NOT a TROLL !!!
Forums made to answer questions. and before buying expensive power cord I have to be sure that I’m investing with good decision
Very upset from this word.

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Good connection would be the plug (wall and equipment) and a secure connection.

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This is my kit
This is my home
Need more ?


Absolutely on Pangea 9SE MkII…they are excellent in my system.

Ronen if you have access to the Pangeas go ahead get them you will not be disappointed.


Ronen just to clarify I have the Pangea 9SE MkIIs from wall to P12 to Parasound A21 power amp…and Pangea Ac 14se MkIIs from sources to P12…

Very very good results…

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Power cables just add a flavour to the sound, person can spend megabucks on one and it will sound just “different”, one meter is enough to make the difference on resolving system, but whether better or worse depends so much on individual system, and components, and audio sources and recordings themselves, room setup, temp and humidity, and what not. I don’t think it is possible to get it right for every content. It is worth making your own cables to get the sound you like, and a lot cheaper too!


Ronen as in the world of high performance cars : Porsche…Ferrari, Lamborghini,
Mercedes AMG Hammer…or BMW M series…Corvette …Shelby Mustangs…

All fast all competent…more than likely you can’t go wrong…

Just research who gives you the best values perhaps even a home audition
make a choice and jump in…

You are otherwise overthinking this

Shalom friend

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Yes there are technical reasons why this is important. The power cord can influence the voltage drop the amplifier sees and it can vary the ground loops present.


I am someone who can hardly tell the difference on different speaker cables & IC, and I do own a few half-decent ones. But every time I upgraded the power cables, the improvement is immediate and obvious. Either my home electricity is bad or my ears are more sensitive to the benefits that PC can bring. It’s puzzling but I am digging it.


One simple way to “tweak” the sound a little is to try reverse polarity of power cables. Transformers don’t care about the polarity, therefore manufacturers connect them in random ways. However, there may be quite dramatic changes in the way system sounds. Something to do with live wire hitting outer or inner windings first. On my system in one configuration sounds thin and centered, while in reversed, more spacious and 3D. In countries where power plug can be inserted either way, this can be quite important to get right.

Probably only in Japan, where ground plugs are largely absent, with the remaining two plugs being similar in size and shape.

We can do it in several countries in Europe were we use a Schuko connector.