Dec 7 they arrive

As my room is nearing completion I have sent for my IRS v in storage for over a year

they arrive as titled above. I am very happy and very scarred at the same time. Tuning begins and that is where I become scared

I am setting up a set of rs1b for now to get a feel for the room. I have about 50 pictures of the room during g progress. Picture is some thing I never do but times are changing it could be I am get to g closer to the door and want something behind when I am gone

Be sure and send pictures!

And stay away from the damn door!

Paul is this high end ? Lol I just had to send thus when I seen it

I am away for 2 weeks I’ll be back on Monday and pay for fhe cross over sorry IMG_2743.JPG

Cool looking setup!

It was posted on face book. It’s supposed to be a coffee shop in Japan. The entire system is Macintosh I never new they made speakers

Moving those things must be a bear! Didn’t we see those in “Back to the Future”? 4_gif

Bad news yesterday a delay in arrival

this stinks he is looking at dec 19. Do I have to say I leave for the south till New Years on the 18. My only choice is go get them myself but that’s two days out of my life the weekend coming basically. Let’s see !!!

IMG_2810.JPGIMG_2812.JPGIMG_2813-1.JPGUpdate they arrive tonight , unloaded in the morning .

I want to thank ps audio and Es specially Paul for helping me with setting up my room. His videos and me being lucky in him owning these speakers is a blessing. His advice and experience and over all kindness is above any help any vender would give. Although I am just beginning this new journey his help is amazing.

I have them a long while now it’s only now I am really learning to understand what they should sound like.

So, did you get them set up and have an initial listen? How about the crossovers, did you get the same ones that Paul is using? Would love to see some photos of your setup. I’m stuck with a pretty small room and could never have anything this large, it’s fun to hear how others make a go at it.

I have listened for hours both loud and low. On a few dacs pauls DS DAC sounds very good on them. Imaging is all over the place right now on all dacs. Room acoustics seems good but I do have a muddy bass bump to deal with. Yes I am going with pauls cross over again a great piece of advise . At one point I was going to go with a two way external cross over. I also have a three way digital one to try as well by DEQX there top of the line one. But pauls advice is simple and seems best so I am acquirimg a set of diffusion panels. Once they sound right then his amp is next and wall coverings. I am away in North Carolina now . I can say long term hesadphones is both a good and bad thing and is making me hear my music all over again. It’s been about two years since I have heard them.

Thanks for taking an interest

Cool stuff. Great to see your lair take shape!


The rs1B in many ways sound better then the big ones . But the sind is smaller if you can understand me .

The image is skewed a bit but better as the timbre as well. Thus is going to take a bit to be right . The old place they sat Almost against fhe walls .

These are much me sesiative to placement than the 1b are . But paul.and others have some a really good advice I will act on .

Looking at the pictures, you must get a great sense of height.

Great stuff Al! Keep getting things refined and keep giving us updates!

Elk said Looking at the pictures, you must get a great sense of height.
Yes even though the ceiling is 9 feet the sound seems taller at times

the truth is I like the rs1b better in some ways.

But this will take time to get right

the roommis 9 high and 20 wide but about 55 feet deep the speakers are about 6 feet off the back wall. I sit about 15 feet back from there. I have tried going further and closer. It sounds the same. On the right is an opening to my kitchen

I next plan to out plywood in front of it and remove the tv as well. Then go from there.

Moving things along , woofers are much better using actual setup instructions. Also I had a bad hum not really loud but almost any hum detrioys the bass details the bass for me. It’s almost gone but will need attention. And I amusing two P10 and one P5 .

Sp far ps audios dac sounds best and it really does. But the volume is low very low. At 100 it’s not loud at all. Any ideas ?

1234 said . . . woofers are much better using actual setup instructions.

The DAC is feeding what? Please remind me of the setup.