My lying ears

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A must read article


Good one, and a nice open presentation of his view, although I still give a lot of leeway to the ears! I know that I have fooled myself many times and the speaker designing example is one of them. Pretty sobering when you look at the frequency response of my “by ear” eq on the computer screen. Not that it can’t be done but I was certainly not successful!giggle_gif

Remember when I first set up the RA 1B in my temp office space. I had to setup the cross overs

well that was the easy part then I bought a dhqx digital Cross over it came with a mic to help eq the room. I was smart enough to buy a complete package of unlimited setup. Wow was he sorry. What the room says and what I like were very different. But what I ended up doing was a combo of both as I found going purely by what I liked had its horrible effects as I changed songs as one was perfect and the next bad. Doing it with the mic got me to level things out a bit.

I am going to not use them in the irs v as I set them up and just do the cross over upgrade that Paul did. I am not devoting what’s left of myofe here to getting it great.

I do use headphones and I use them for the sound I like in speakers. It’s A reference point

And going to other people’s homes has shown me what I like is clearly not all others aspirations either. I am far more in tune with the headphone gang the speaker gang

as I like my PCM a bit edgy and most want it all to sound like dsd. This is an example of how off I am from main stream users.

But I do know what I like as you do and this alone is a big part of the battle

The classic, often trotted out example is mastering/mixing a recording, turning an EQ knob, hearing the changes while adjusting until the sound is perfect. And then noticing the EQ is not activated.

Every engineer has done this.

Funny as I have not done mixing but I have picked the wrong device .