The Noise Monkey

Today Paul is monkeying around with product names.


Designing a truly excellent name is an art form. A skill I do not possess.

I find most names dreadful; corny, self-aware and occasionally appallingly stupid.

Unless one possesses a sizable marketing budget, the name of a device should at least imply what it does. One should not need to guess.

Off-Ramp is a terrible name. What is it, what does it do, and why does it cost $1,000.

Rain-X is a superb name.

More simply yet, why does ir cost $1000? Mediocre name that says nothing about its function but it could be worse.

Rain-X is a good name that at least has something to do with its function. It works too.

eLyric is a good name for music related software, but having both eLyric (controller) and eLyric Music Manager is incredibly confusing and not the best idea (sorry Paul). This is to say that you not only need to have good names but must be mindful when using and reusing names.

I am with Elk in that a good product name should say something about ite function. Selling a ‘HiFiWiz George’ is likely to lose me no matter how good the HiFiWiz brand may be. If the product catches my interest then you may be in luck but if I forget what it is but sort of remember the name I am not likely to look it up to see WTF a George is. You have just lost me… If, on the other hand you call it a George DAC then I at least know that it is a DAC and might remember that the George DAC is the top model. You might still have a chance with me.

Names ARE important.


yes and no about names. I mean, with established brands where they have marks, say like the BMW lines where it is clear what the 3 and 5 series are about, the numbering approach is fine and people are used to it.

For the one-offs, like noise harvester, it really helps to have a descriptive/suggestive name.

I agree that ‘off-ramp’ is not a great name. To me it suggests that something has ended - ie - the off ramp of a bridge or freeway. The wrong connotation for me. ‘Perfectwave’ makes a promise - good marketing.