The rebirth of the new AKG called Austrian Audio

Luckily human creativity beats economy of scale.

Harman now a Samsung company, but once the respectable Harman Kardon US brand has fallen a prey to economy of scale.

Without any respect for persons they apply the economic mortuary construction. They acquire well respected companies like Infinity and AKG, fire the people who are behind the success of those companies and close complete facilities. Globally. A not so nice side of capitalism and greed. Sometimes it’s a good thing as with some people the success has infested their minds and certainly pay roll, but the working employees are often victim too.

Like wild spreading bushfire it hurts, hurts badly. But it creates fertile ground for something new:

Austrian Audio

Check it out, the headphones, Austrian designed an made are below EUR 300 here in Europe. Welcome back!

Now I can finally replace my K150’s with worthy successors.

If recording and mastering is your thing they have excellent Austrian made Mic’s too.


unregulated late-stage capitalism is eating us all.
also - “power to the people!” - Wolfie Smith.
i wish this company success - if they come up with a worthy successor to th akg c414 i will be impressed :slight_smile:

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I too wish Austrian Audio great success. I love stories about those who make the actual effort.


AKG used to have the best microphones. I still :heart_eyes: and use my balanced AKG “K1000” headphones, and have their black ash wooden box in mint condition. Their dedicated Amity amp was hand built by Verena & Anson Anderson in Heilbronn, Germany

Also, GoerTek, a consumer electronics company based in China, acquired the majority of shares in Dynaudio sometime in 2014. Fortunately, they did not shut or move the company. R&D and manufacturing continues as normal.

Well, look at that! Freedom to act on their ingenuity, creativity, entrepreneurial drive and spirit and a new company is created. Now all they need is a free market to participate in, competing for success. Or perhaps a government can mandate that everyone have their product.

Their products are received enthusiastic on the market, while made in Austria with quality material, the price is right.

Every market access comes at a price, free markets have never existed and will never exist.

No tariffs: The local manufacturers can not pay the salaries anymore as everybody starts buying cheap cheap from overseas manufacturers that don’t pay salaries, taxes and health and safety well.

Implemented tariffs mean that export is harder, but at least you can pay salaries due to sales on local market.

Like sound quality, there is always a compromise and yet it costs money.

The AKG C414 was and remains one of a recording engineer’s work horses. A great mic to have around.

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Really? Isn’t there enough disagrement and strife already in 2020? We’re all burning in a dumpster fire started by greed and self-interest and instant gratification and you decide to pour gasoline on the fire. Back to music… Wasn’t it Bowie who quipped “putting out fire with gasoline”?

Have you seen the thread on asteroid sampling? It’s excellent.

Spot on @RonP , thanks for the tip. And thanks for the mature reply, something I need to be better at.

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