The Sprout has landed


It’s real and it’s spectacular





OMG! Details pls. How does it sound? What is the first piece of music you are going to listen to (and in what format)? Speakers? Headphones? Details my friend! I’ve got weeks to wait and need to live vicariously.



It looks great, a bit of Nagra in the dials.


Nothing profound on a first track. Just fired up Tidal and some Angus & Julia Stone. I plan to use it primarily with headphones which I’m using Philips new X2’s which I also just received last week. I’ve also got it hooked up to some small DIY bookshelf speakers. It’s pretty much overkill for the setup but its a tidy all in one solution which is what I was looking for. Unfortunately I’m boarding a plane for Denver in like 10 hours and wont be back home until the middle of next week.


I do not think the Sprout is overkill; the new Fidelio X2 cans are excellent and well worth feeding with a good signal.

I predict you will be very pleased when you get more of a chance to sit and listen.


It’s purdy. Sounded great at RMAF.


Dang! That Sprout is one nice looking unit. If it sounds as good as it looks then it should be quite a little piece of audio gear.



Nice shot of Sprout!! Well done photo.



Great photos! Slightly off topic but what camera/lens did you use?


Nikon D90, 18.0-105.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 lens at 30mm (the lens comes as a kit with the D90)