CD transport to Sprout 100

Hello, I just got a Sprout 100 and I am very happy with it. Now I want to buy a CD player and I thought, since the sprout already has a great DAC, headphone output and everything else, maybe a cd transport would do a nice job. I was thinking about Cambridge Audio CXC V2, what do you think? Please advise, I am new to hi-fi and I would really appreciate some suggestion.
Matteo (from Italy)

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Hey Matteo, glad to hear you’re enjoying the Sprout100 thus far! I think that Cambridge transport would do really well with the Sprout100. I don’t have much first hand experience, but a number of customers have given their transports high praise. I would also check out Marantz as well. They’ve been in the game for a long time and make some great CD players at a very reasonable price. Though most of them have analog out, they still work really well just used for digital output.

You would get much better value ripping your CDs to a computer you already own, and then sending the digital output to the Sprout’s DAC on its digital input. For $100 more than the Cambridge ($599 US) you could buy a Mac Mini and get something much more capable and flexible. I rip all my CDs to my iMac, and use Audirvana to output them via USB cable to my Sprout100. Fantastic sound quality, and so convenient. Audirvana has an app that I use to control my music via my iPad, plus Audirvana integrates Qobuz and Tidal in the same window so you can alternate between your ripped CDs and streamed music from those services in just seconds.

The Sprout100 is fantastic, you’re going to love it more and more the longer you own it!


I am on the same journey as you, Matteo and I own the CXC V2 (having upgraded it from an Onkyo C-7030) paired with the Sprout100 and I am very very happy with the CXC’s performance. Everything about it is wonderful. It was a decent leap in my upgrade in terms of warmth and sound stage. I listen to my setup daily and everyday, I am just amazed at the sound I get from this combination. I’m still all in with CDs. :slight_smile:

I have no experience with the Cambridge Audio transport but do own the Audiolab 6000CDT transport and highly recommend it.

My experience is Cambridge Audio makes very good equipment for the money. This would be a good option.

The Cambridge does not have a USB digital output, that’s a deal-killer for me.

A used Marantz CD player with digital outputs might be a thrifty way to go.

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Thank you all for your advise, now I understand my options are reasonable and I will also take in consideration ripping the CDs into a computer. I will do some thinking : )
Thanks again

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One more transport suggestion to throw on the pile - the NuPrime CDT8-Pro. It’s a little more expensive than the Cambridge and Audiolab, but it also upsamples to a variety of resolutions if you want. I have mine set to feed DSD 128 to my SGCD via the I2S input.

Had the same question, thanks. Anxiously awaiting my Sprout I just ordered.

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