The sweet spot. What to do when it's not where you want it ?

Ok here is my delema , my office rig I have a situation. First off it sounds really good overall. But where my coach is , is not the only or even the best spot. The speakers are the IRS 1B. Quad amped. But the cross over it not the issue here. If I walk around the room. It seems where I sit is not the best spot. I know the speakers have rear firing tweeters. And I think it’s one of the reasons I do not like most other speakers . There seems to be a ambience that others lack. But I did set the room up as normal as possible .

The room is rectangular about 18 by 22. It is open on the long side , but only on one side. Now the back of the speakers is live , the left and right sides are not dead but treated. The floor is area rugged with foam under the rug. The rear is also treated. The room is not dead but seems ok. As it does not echo or make the music seemed blurry even at high volumes. But what happens is when I walk around I can hear it better in another place. Like really better. And the ot is to the left of the couch and it is on the open side.

It’s not that it does not sound good in the direct middle it does. But if I go to the left about 4 feet and go back about anothe 2 feet. I am now about 12 feet from the speakers and 4 feet off center. Of course the imaging is off but the sound is to die for. So a,little help ,

And no I will not move the couch from the middle.


I’d double check to make sure the signals are balanced in both channels. Make sure that the crossover settings are exactly the same on both sides and check the polarity of the speaker leads at the amps and speakers. You have a lot going on and a simple oversight (like I would do) can throw you off. Is there absorption material at the first reflection spot on each side wall? If all checks out well here, then try adjusting the overall balance to the right a little bit. If no luck here, then start playing with the toe in/out of the speakers, distance from the side and back walls etc… just make sure that you mark where they were to start with. You may end up with an asymmetrical speaker placement based on what you hear. Good luck.

I have and did all you have said already. It’s not imbalance as the when I am about 5 feet over pass the middle I am at the outer edge of the lft speaker. The sound is not stereo but the acoustics is just perfect.

When I am in the middle the staging is fine and there is no hole in the middle. It’s wierd I noticed it when I got up and walked across the room. I think it has to do with the rear fireing tweeters . The rear wall is reflective.


Well, test your theory by adding bits of absorptive stuff behind one or both speakers. It need not be a lot, especially if you locate it just behind the rear tweeter.

I guess I have some extra stuff. I figured I would wait for the deqx. As Nyla’s job is treating the room too.

He runs some program and then determines what’s needed and run it again. I am really glad I did the active cross over it’s really cool to make it sound how I want it. Maybe over the weekend I can play around.



wglenn said: You may end up with an asymmetrical speaker placement based on what you hear.

A very important note. Set up the sound with our ears, not by what you think should work or how things looks.

Do not be afraid to tilt the speakers forward and back.

If you can change the rear tweeter lever, try different settings for them.

Good luck. I hate speaker setup.

Thanks it all sounds good. I cannot adjust the rear tweeters separately. And I have done the tilting back and forward it helped but did not eliminate it. I have the deqx ordered and I bought the full support package so I can use it ASAP . I figure the room as I think it is , is not there yet. So with there mic and them running the program remotely all I need is do what they say . I have more treatment on hand and I will send them pics and video. When I am to the left at the edge of the left speaker it just sounds better , by a lot . This is hard but it has gotten much better from the start.


Let us know how you find the sound with the DEQX added.

I will. I am sure I will have plenty to say when I am using it.



Paul emailed me an answer and I hope someone can explain what he ment. He said use a diffuser not an absorber. Diffuser ?


Bounces the sound waves randomly. He’s right, but diffusors tend to be more expensive and you can get a good idea if you are on the right track with absorbers. :wink:

Ethan Winer has an excellent video (and an excellent website) on diffusors. Sorry about debunking the bookcase myth!

Thanks I have seem them before. But I did not know what they were



Great video. And it does clear things up.



Ethan loves to help and will be delighted to discuss your issues with you.

He is a hoot as well.

Give him a call.

I am on it sir. I contacted him and have his techs email. I am sending him pic,s and complete demensions with all items in the room. I watched a couple of there videos. Very nice stuff. I am sure I will be paying nicely but it appears acoustics is nothing of what I thought it was. I have bought sound boarding and rided the overall echo in the room . While still having it bright. Well I also will need some difussers as well. This is the first time I have really tried to do it correct and follow through. And a big thanks to you and all here for the countless answers this sight has given me.


Ethan’s prices are reasonable.

I also like for cost effective products.


Ethan’s website contains a wealth of information on practical acoustics. There are a number of myths about acoustics and acoustical room treatments (like bookcases make excellent diffusors) and Mr. Winer’s videos and writings are a treasure trove of simple, correct methods for taming a room or studio. The DIY section is most generous, considering that he markets his own excellent room treatments.

I think I will go with Ethan’s products as he will do a design and build . Now given is If I knew what I was doing I would buy the cheaper ones . But I do not know anything beyond simple notion at all I am going with him. A design and build is better for me. And at 57 in two days time is running out lol. But I will look at elks

Site as well. And a big thanks for helping a sometimes arrogant Newyorker. And I truly get humbled by the help and great advice here.

Pics soon I do promise. And I should be down in NC soon as then I will take. Pic of me and the big ones.

Maybe I will wear the New Years glasses too if I can find them. Lol.