She Took My Sweetspot!

I left my seat for a minute and this happened ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


She’s a cute girl. Let her enjoy it for a bit!

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It’s her Forever Home now. She found us if you know what I mean.

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How do you get a sweet spot with the couch hard up against the back wall?


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You’re killing me. I just thought I reached the perfect BHK/DAC volume settings (not) and my laughter is getting in the way :clown_face:.

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We live in apartment complex and the living room/dining area is rectangular. The nice thing with older buildings especially in the Phoenix area, the living space is much larger for “less” money. Even though the rent has soared from $900/month to $1400/month where I live in a 4 year time period. Here’s the floor plan.

Having been burned badly by the housing market up in Canada, we have no intention of buying a house down here. I do miss the opportunity to “crank it up”, but listening at “neighborly” levels is OK…for now :grimacing:

Same here Brodric, I struggled to get my speakers away from the wall, but the sofa, we’d have no space left in the living room.

We live in a region where real estate comes at a premium that’s even out of reach for those who can afford high end audio.

Considering the fact that we have anything else we really need and can afford PS Audio equipment, I am not too hung up about the fact that we are not able to move the couch away from the wall.

But when we used to live in Texas (in The Netherlands now), the house / living room was so large we could afford to have the speakers 3 ft from the wall and the couch over 6 ft. Indeed the sound was amazingly better. I still have the same audio equipment, so it is a sound comparison.

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She did it again.