When an inch gives a mile! Bass a wicked mistress

I just fought a terrible battle. I did a carpet clean and shifted my rug under the listening position an inch forward. I played with cable tweaks for two hours no joy. Tuning rings and cable swaps. Left me at head scratching. Ready to pull out my MC1000 amps. The new 1.25KWs were the ticket but WTF. It all fell apart

After Every tweak came up snake eyes i recalled the carpet cleaning. As much as we think we had perfected and know our system. A cold slap of wimpy bass and imaging brings one back.

Inches matter everywhere. Especially when a room bass null you never knew was there surprises you.


You seem tense.


LOL! Best of the mornings hahas.

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That was written after chasing a sound problem that was just chair positioning. It was quite frustrating. I used wine to knock off the edge.


I tend to think there maybe some other underlaying issues hiding in your system instead of a inch rug relocation. My thick rug (well, it’s a 1” thick synthetic putting green) got moving back and forth often and I could not detect much change in SQ.

When wine is not enough I’ll go with whiskey. There’s no question wine improves the SQ, but on some bad recordings only whiskey can do the job :joy:


The couch was moved forward after rug cleaning actually about 3 inches. The rug is in same position. There is a bass null forward I confirmed after moving couch back.

My sweet spot sitting position is really close to 14 feet back from both woofer towers . If you look at this chart notice humps and nulls for many frequencies for quarter and half wave lengths that are at 14 feet half of that is 7feet half of that is 3.5 feet. So it is a perfect storm for 20, 40 and 80Hz to disappear in a big bass cancellation.

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Oh, it makes more sense if the listening couch has been moved. For sure that would change SQ. When I stand up the SQ is better than sitting down (tall speakers). When I do that, I would move the couch back a few feet and move the putting green back too to get the best SQ (sharpen my putting stroke too :laughing:).

Of course, I need to move everything back to keep my wife happy.

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Everything matters. After a period of time, my listening chair shifts position because it moves slightly every time I plop down on it. A month goes by, and all of a sudden something isn’t sounding right with the either the bass or imaging, and then it dawns on me to check the position of my listening chair. If it’s moved too far back, I’m closer to the rear wall, and the bass increases. If it’s not nicely centered in-between the speakers, imaging is slightly off. The listening room is on a slab in the basement, maybe I need to get the Hilti actuated shotgun out and fasten the chair to the concrete floor.

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