The TRUE ideal listening space

After witnessing something that really turned my ears on, which was listening to paper being ripped apart, and a paperclip being dropped at the “hollowed-out eggshell cracked lengthwise” of The Tabernacle many years ago (on business in SLC), and reading about someone’s “end game world class system”, I wonder: What is the ideal room? Is it an answer that most or even all agree on?


based on the answer I got a while back about consensus (on another matter), the clear answer is no

I would guess that with a known speaker size and perhaps the lead design engineer of the speaker (esp. if it was someone like Chris at PSA, Mr. Wilson in Utah, etc. who literally knows their stuff backwards and forwards), that a perfect room could be addressed similarly to the perfect baffle or any other part. I’m sure that making it fairly versatile is one of the reasons that they get paid the big bucks.

…or just a quiet area with headphones. Hahaha

Isn’t it the case that certain lengths or widths cause certain frequencies to not present themselves

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I found this informative and worthwhile a while back: