They arrived!

My pair of black Stellar 300 stereo amps just arrived. Yayyyy!

First thing - the packaging is neat. The outer box is well separated from the amp itself, which is cradled in a two-piece cardboard ‘space frame’ - the bottom piece holds the bottom of the amp and the top plays tabs and slots with the lower to form a fairly robust surround for the amp.

However, both my amps had broken bottom portions. The portion below the amp was torn away at the right hand side on both amps.

Second - the back of the amp has four speaker terminals per side. And carries the warning “This is a balanced amplifier - do not connect any outputs to ground. Consult owner’s manual before connecting a powered subwoofer”.

Er - there isn’t any owner’s manual, in the box or online…IMG_1879.jpg

Hey Pete. Manual is now up on the site for download. Have fun and be sure and post your opinions on the review forum we set up.

Last couple of sentences in “Plug in the Power Cable” are out of order…