Thoughts on all in one server/ streamer for DSD DAC

With the Octave server/streamer now defunct . I’m looking for a simple all in one unit . Something that will stream everything , files from DSD TO REDBOOK. as well as play Qobuz, and Tidal…
I do not want to go with three different micro boxes to do the job…

What’s all your thoughts on a all in one unit like the Aurender n100 series ? It seems to do it all, and have memory on it… Load your Dsd files as well as stream , and it plays. No Roon needed… it has the conductor app that I have used and it’s very good. Price is not bad and it has to be better than the Bridge II … with far better options…

I know the Auralic Aries G2.1 is what is the rage but it’s much more cabbage …

Simple usb or coax hook up and done…

Thoughts or suggestions

Have you also considered the Aurender ACS10 server, streamer, and adds a cd ripper

ACS10 | Aurender - The Future of Sound

Absolutely do not need a ripper for the added cost. All my DSD files are hard drive stored right now and I have my flac on a nas now AND CAN SEND THEM TO MY DAC… but DSD unless you use Roon which I refuse to use for many reasons… sound being number one… ITS mute…

If you are not an Apple users, you’ll need to purchase an iOS device to use Auralic’s Lightening s/w.

$7500 and model(s) below and above.
Does everything in one box. Just add a Dac.

Also for sale on Audiogon by a Auth. Dealer.

Here’s a used unit for sale by a Dealer on USAudiomart.

+1 for Aurender! I would expect the N100´s to be discontinued soon, so get yourself a N150 or N200 to benefit from further SW updates and you are done. These two are best value for money. Very musical and rock solid devices.

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My Grimm MU1 is my favorite piece for this task so far. It’s reasonably priced with an 8TB Samsung SSD inside and it is absolutely magical. There are more scientific appearing options so you have to decide if you are looking for a lifestyle piece of gear or do you just want the magical one? No one who has heard it has said anything negative about it. It could work for you, or you, but of course not you two. Please.

It’s my understanding that the N100H is now discontinued. I don’t know about the other two models in the series.

I love the sound of my hand-me-down H (especially compared to my Node 2i), but I admit I haven’t yet been able to get it to locate files on my iMac. I figured out how to get the iMac to find the drive in the Aurender, but not the other way around yet. I should probably break down and turn in a support ticket. I’m sure it’s something simple like entering the right IP address.