Thoughts on cables

In anticipation of a new PS audio preamp, I’ve been in search for another pair of ic’s, as I’ve been running my DSD directly into the BHK 250 , and only have one pair, which are the EFF-1’s from Supra, a Swedish company. Even before needing an additional pair of ic’s, I’ve auditioned several different brands, and to my surprise the inexpensive Supra’s have been holding their own. They’ve been up against MG Audio’s CU 2’s, High Fidelity Reval, Nordost Heimdall, Belden iconoclast, forget the model name, but they were their second best in their line up. And I’m presently comparing them to the Mogami XLR cables. Considering their cost, under $200, these ic’s are quite superb, especially since they were released I believe back in early 2007. Supra is a well established cable company that’s been around for a long time, and probably comparable to Belden in terms of the size of the company, and the number of products they manufacturer for commercial use. If anyone is aware of any other stellar cables for the money, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

I would suggest trying some solid core cables (assuming the Supras are coaxial). Pretty much anything from Audioquest will let you know if you prefer the sound, but it may well be that you still prefer your current cables. Do you have a link for the Supras - I’d certainly be interested in trying some out when I have some spare cash.

This is the only place here in the U.S. that sells their products.

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OK I think I found them in the UK:

These look to be a variation on single strand solid core cables (tubes in this case), using a similar design and geometry to AQ which is why you may prefer them to some of the other big name manufacturers.

Since I converted to solid core cables (initially home made and then from if I remember right Kimber, followed by AQ) I have never been able to go back to coaxials.

You may find that some of those AQ (or Kimber if they still do solid core) may sound slightly better to you if your system is revealing enough. Be warned they get expensive fast!

I think we I’m done fretting about cable choices. The Supra EFF-1’s are ridiculously good for the money. If I could find a pair of Sword ic’s, Supra’s top of the line, I might snag them. But the $160 EFF-1’s imo and in my system are outstanding by any measure, without spending stupid money.

Now on to the best bang for the buck power chords. Any suggestions?

Lol it took me too long to realise this and I wasted a lot of money on high end cables that would have been better spent on actual hardware.

AQ power cables are actually pretty good too but I think you can beat them in terms of value.

I found the budget Black Rhodium Cables (Libra and Fusion) to be excellent value. The Titan is also excellent value for money even though they are £800 for 1.7m length (they beat AQ cables costing several times the price in my system).

The US distributor details for Black Rhodium are: Email:; Website:

One very affordable lead is the Russ Andrews Yellow - it is a great upgrade over regular power leads and is only £60 here. I believe you should be able to buy these in the US (even if they have different names) as I believe they are made for Russ Andrews by Kimber Cables (US Kimber Dealers).

If you had to order from the UK you would have to add customs charges/postage and also it could be an issue if you don’t like it.

I’ve also found the PS Audio power leads to be good, although I only have experience with the AC10 and AC12 which are quite expensive. I would imagine that their more cost effective leads sound pretty good too on the basis of that and one of the good things there is that if you don’t like them you can return them (at least in the US I think).

These are some nicely priced Cardas legacy cables if you want to go premium line. I have some of them in single ended version. Belden and Supra both make great wires. XLR cables should be pretty noise resistant. For my pre to multichannel amp setup, I use split Belden 1508A XLRs from Blue Jeans Cable. Each preamp output powers two amp channels. They are noise free and sound pretty good IMO. Six amp channels power three sets of speakers and a balanced headphone amp. (The reason the W4S preamp having dual XLRs per channel being important)

Patrick Cullen does excellent work making power cables.

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I agree Patrick makes quality cables at a reasonable price and you deal with him directly.

For balanced XLR’s with my Stellar GC DAC and M700’s, I’ve been pleased with the Cardas Parsec IC’s. Cardas calls the Parsec their best value in cables, with a bit of midrange warmth combined with transparency and extended bass and treble.

For an excellent value in power cords, take a look at the Audience Forte F3. The Cable Company currently has B-stock versions of this cord on sale.

It can be really helpful to hear cables in your own system rather than relying solely on recommendations or reviews, so you might look into the lending library at the Cable Co. as an option.

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Thanks I’ll definitely look into the Audience Forte F3.

I bought a couple of Supra cables to power my electrostatics. They are a popular mid-price cable in the UK. Well made and properly shielded.

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Here is a link to a brand new Forte non B-stock power cord for $149.95. They offer a 30 day trial period.

Probably going to give this one a try.

Are you using any of his power or signal cables? Would like to hear your thoughts on them if so.


I’ve bought several of his standard level power cables. C7, Red Copper, and one I don’t think he makes anymore. One cable ended up with a fit problem on my P5 regenerator (AC plug was too large) and I sent it back with my own connector and he fixed it for me free of charge. Patrick’s stuff is well made and doesn’t add anything. I’ve made my own cables using Furutech wire and connectors, as well as the DIY Belden 83803. I think they compare favorably with PS Audio’s lower offerings (I have two AC5 power cords). Try one and see what you think. If you have questions about what cord to use, he can help. His Dad used to do the mods on PS Audio DACs when PS Audio was located in California. Definitely in tune with the business. Hope that helps.

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His dad is now working for EJ at W4S. Patrick is easy to work with so just contact and see what he says. I think I have five of his PC’ s in various systems. Solid and well built upgrade to what comes in the box.

I’m a big W4S fan. I’m sure EJ has cultivated some great info from Rick. EJs products are rock solid.

Waiting to see the new preamp before I decide about sending my STP-SE in. Hopefully RMAF will be the day as a friend on another forum has been to the shop and seen it.

I have a STP-SE Stage 2. Moved up from a STI-500 (gen 1). EJ is brilliant designer.